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A Small Business Owner’s To-Do List Needs Secure, Flexible Loan Terms

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A Small Business Owner’s To-Do List Needs Secure, Flexible Loan Terms

Updated: January 31st, 2024

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Part of a business owner’s job is juggling a massive to-do list. At any given time, you might have a long list of items to take care of, including discussing growth projects, reevaluating marketing and sales strategies, and fixing or upgrading things at the office. 

Your laundry list might include one or more of the following:

  • Upgrading office furniture
  • Hiring an intern or assistant
  • Ordering new test products
  • Upgrading your CRM software
  • Automating payroll
  • Adding a POS system to your business
  • Organizing your warehouse
  • Revising your marketing plan
  • Planning a company retreat
  • Updating your website
  • Starting an email newsletter
  • Making green changes to the office

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by your to-dos, especially when most of them are time-consuming and money-intensive. You may have to review your list to prioritize specific tasks and eliminate others, but it’s also a good idea to consider your loan options. 

Getting a business loan can give you the flexibility and financial security to cross multiple items off your list at one time. 

How a flexible business loan can help you get ahead

Depending on what you need to do for your business, a loan can give you more flexibility with project timelines, more freedom from stress, and greater cash flow. Instead of shuffling cash around or sacrificing necessary upgrades, you can start checking off items big and small. 

Think everything from buying new conference room furniture and installing solar lighting to upgrading your inventory management software and hiring an administrative assistant. 

Crossing items off your list can help with three main areas: 1) streamlining operations, 2) improving customer service, and 3) preparing for long-term growth. 

1. Streamlining operations

Certain to-do list items have the potential to help streamline internal procedures and processes. For example, investing in new payroll software can automate tedious manual tasks, saving you and your employees time and stress. Updating your website’s onsite search function and order form pages can make it easier for customers to find what they need, freeing you up to focus less on fielding questions and more on making new sales calls.  

2. Improving customer service

Tackling odds and ends of your to-do list can help you serve your customers and clients better. For example, researching new packaging options might not seem like a priority, but revamping your packaging could lead to better product reviews from customers. Installing a chat feature on your website could help customers get quick answers to their questions. 

Making time to address areas that affect the customer experience is crucial; more satisfied customers mean better business. 

3. Preparing for long-term growth

When your to-do list is miles long, it’s impossible to dedicate yourself to growth projects. Though growth projects demand more time, energy, and money to execute, they also pay dividends long-term. If you’re overwhelmed by your lengthy list of random to-dos, it’s time to take care of them so you can direct your attention to more significant tasks, like hiring, relocating, or opening a brick-and-mortar store to complement your online business. 

Benefits of a flexible Funding Circle term loan for your business

If you need funding to get ahead of your growing to-do list, there are plenty of business loan options out there; however, Funding Circle stands out for our speed, service, and flexibility. Our loans are designed by small business owners to help other small business owners thrive. Here’s what you can expect when you apply for a Funding Circle business term loan:

1. Single monthly payment

It’s hard enough to manage your cash flow when you have a laundry list of items to budget around. That’s why we offer fixed rates and once-monthly payments, so you’re never stressed or surprised when managing your budget. 

There’s a simple one-time origination fee, which means you won’t get hit with hidden fees later. Plus, if your business picks up after checking off your to-do list items, you can pay back your loan in full with no prepayment penalties. You’ll only pay interest on the time you borrow so that you can dedicate those extra funds toward growth projects or future to-do list items. 

2. Competitive rates and flexible business loan terms

When you have a long list of things to do, flexibility — with your schedule and cash flow — is critical. At Funding Circle, we believe in a transparent pricing system and terms that work for you. Our affordable rates give you the financial assistance you need without draining your resources. 

For a term loan, with terms from $25-$500K *Funding Circle may partner with other lenders to provide a full range of loan options to qualified borrowers, you can borrow over six months to five years. Plus, our interest rates are competitive with those of traditional bank loans. 

3. Multiple uses

Some lenders dictate how you can use your funds, but we offer funding to cover a variety of needs. Our goal is to help you with whatever you want to accomplish, which is why we don’t believe in limiting you to one project or venture. 

With a Funding Circle term loan, you can put your money toward a handful of different items on your to-do list, from marketing tools and new software to new equipment or office upgrades. 

4. Easy application process

When you have a mountain of tasks to tackle, the last thing you want to do is carve out tens of hours to apply for a business loan. Going through a traditional lender can take months and piles of paperwork, but at Funding Circle, we pride ourselves on an easy application process and flexible business loan terms

You can apply online in minutes with just a few documents. The best part? Thanks to our team of experienced underwriters and advanced underwriting technology, you can get a decision in as little as 24 hours after document submission– no need to postpone your to-do list and risk losing business or wasting employee resources. 

Then, if you’re approved, you can get the funds in your account in just a few days and start making prepayments immediately. 

5. Top-notch customer service

Checking items off your to-do list takes energy and brainpower, so we want to make the loan process as easy as possible for you.  

Right after you submit your application, a personal loan specialist from our team will reach out to take you through the process, provide support, and answer any questions you might have about getting a flexible business loan.

If you think a business loan could help you tackle your to-do list, consider applying for a Funding Circle term loan. We’re passionate about seeing small businesses succeed, and our loan specialists are here to help you with whatever you need. Apply today or see how we compare to other lenders


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