Our business loan rates and fees

We believe you deserve a more transparent lending experience, which is why we’ll always be upfront about the true cost of your loan.

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Interest rates

Our fixed annual interest rates make your repayment schedule predictable – just a consistent, once-monthly payment over the life of your loan. Your rate is based on the strength of your credit profile.

Our interest rates range from 4.99% - 24.99% and our APR ranges from 8.75% - 32.16%. Our seasoned team of underwriters use their small business expertise as well as hundreds of traditional and alternative data points to determine your rate.


Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. We won’t try to nickel-and-dime you by tacking on additional surprise fees that can add up quickly.

Fee TypeFeeDescription
Origination fee3.49% to 6.99%A single one-time fee to cover our costs of evaluating and originating your loan. The fee is based on the strength of your credit profile and is deducted from your total loan proceeds, which means you do not pay this fee if you do not receive a loan.
Prepayment feeNoneUnlike some other lenders, we don’t charge you anything if you repay your entire loan early. Plus, you only have to pay interest for the time you borrow!
Late payment fee5% of missed paymentIf your monthly payment is late, you will be charged a fee on the missed payment. This fee is added to your original monthly payment, withdrawn from your account and passed directly onto investors.

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