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Small Business

Lessons you learn in business [Video]

Sam Hodges shares his thoughts on being an entrepreneur.

Small Business

Why it takes money to save money: A case study on

Learn how Peter saved his pharmacy over $20K on inventory.

Small Business

10 signs you’re a proud California business

See why owning a business in CA is so totally awesome.

Small Business

How to workout at work [video]

Watch how to break a sweat without breaking up your schedule.

Partner + Small Business

What business lenders actually care about

See how lenders determine if your business is "worthy" of a loan.

Company News

CIM Commits Additional $100M to Funding Circle

We are thrilled to extend our partnership with CIM!

Small Business

Do you know your lending terms? [Quiz]

Find out how well you know your loan lingo.

Company News + Small Business

Building workplace culture at Funding Circle

We’re committed to providing our employees with an engaging workplace.

Small Business

15 minute office workout routines for busy

How do you find time to work out outside of work? Start here.

Small Business

5 talking pigs that taught us valuable business

From Piglet to Pumbaa, business owners have a lot to learn from these talking

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