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Small Business

5 talking pigs that taught us valuable business

From Piglet to Pumbaa, business owners have a lot to learn from these talking

Small Business

Couples, Debt & Tough Conversations

Buckle up, buttercup: it’s time to talk finances.

Small Business

How to lose a customer in 10 days

To avoid heartbreak, avoid these customer relationship pitfalls.

Small Business

17 lovable TV and movie characters you forgot

You probably know a lot more small business owners than you think.

Small Business

How to write a press release

Remember, a press release is not a sales pitch.

Company News

Funding Circle announces $100M equity raise

The new investment follows significant growth at Funding Circle.

Small Business

How to prevent the flu from taking over your

One of the biggest struggles small businesses face this winter is microscopic.

Partner + Small Business

4 tips to take your email from dead to read

Email marketing strategy that doesn't require technical know-how.

Company News + Investor

What’s next for Funding Circle? [Video]

We have some big plans to help small businesses.

Small Business

How to finance your business: Bootstrapping

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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