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Every day, thousands of successful business owners struggle to get loans to grow their businesses, battling endless streams of paperwork and unreasonable lending terms. We believe small businesses deserve better.

We know firsthand the frustration and anguish the comes with long wait times, pounds of onerous paperwork, confusing terms and conditions, and only an automated voice on the other end of the phone, which is why we decided to create something better.


US borrowers that selected Funding Circle because we offered a better rate, speed, or terms than other options.1


Borrowers said they would come back to Funding Circle for their future business financing needs for a future business loan.1

Financing that moves at your speed

The average business owner spends 24 hours applying for a bank loan. Our application takes as few as 6 minutes, and you’ll get a decision from us in as little as 24 hours after submitting documents. After accepting the terms of the offer, you’ll get the funds in as quickly as one business day.

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Average application submission to funding time in days3

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Apply in 6 minutes. Decision in 24 hours. Funds the next day.

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Applying won’t effect your credit score 4

How our term loans stack up to other financial options for small businesses

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Online LendersFunding Circle
Loan size$2k to $500k$25k to $500k*
APR9% to 99%11.29% to 30.12%
Repayment terms3 months to 36 months6 months to 5 years
Approval timeImmediate to daysAs little as 24 hours
Repayment scheduleDaily or weekly repaymentsFixed, monthly payments
FeesVaries and unpredictable1-time origination fee
Save interest by paying earlyNoYes
Builds business creditVariesYes
BanksFunding Circle
Loan sizeUsually more than $100k$25k to $500k*
Average Application Time24 hours6 minutes
Decision TimeWeeks to months (and you may be denied)As little as 24 hours
Funding TimeDays to weeks1 day after offer is accepted
100% Small Business FocusNo
Small part of a bank’s balance sheet
All we do is small business lending
Likelihood of ApprovalReject 4 out of 5 small business ownersWe approve a new business every 4 minutes
UnderwritingStringent and inflexible credit criteriaMore than your credit score
Point of ContactGeneral phone lineYour own personal account manager
SBAFunding Circle
Average Application TimeHours6 minutes
Decision TimeWeeks to months (and you may be declined)As little as 24 hours
Loan Process Timeline60 to 90 daysWithin 5 days
Funding TimeWeeks to months1 day after offer is accepted
Down Payment10% (for most common SBA loans)No
FeesCan include: guarantee, origination, closing, and servicing fees1-time origination fee
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1 Based on an online survey of US Funding Circle borrowers. A total of 216 business owners completed the survey between October 10 – 30, 2017.

2 Savings on “Cost of loan” refers to interest and fees associated with a first time borrower. For the purposes of this calculation, “other lenders” leverages data obtained from the public websites of Kabbage and OnDeck. “One document” refers to incremental financial documents required by Funding Circle compared to OnDeck. Analysis based on rates, fees, and requirements available as of October 15, 2019 and may differ from today.

3 SBA average funding times from https://www.business.org/finance/loans/sba-express-loan/. Minimum and average times to funding are based on estimates of times required for applicants to prepare and for lenders to underwrite and process loan applications, and will vary for each applicant.

4 If your business is organized as a general partnership, your credit score may be impacted.

* Funding Circle may partner with other lenders to provide a full range of loan options to qualified borrowers.

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