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RatesTransparent. Fixed interest rates as low as 4.99% with monthly paymentsVery high. Take a cut of your sales every day, with daily interest*Low fixed interest rates
FeesJust one origination fee: 0.99–6.99% of loan principalVaries but often hidden or confusingVaries but often include origination fee, closing fee and servicing charge
Prepayment penaltyNope. Save on interest and repay early!Hefty. Some charge full interest even if prepaid earlySometimes. Usually a small percentage of the original loan.
Repayment term6 months–5 yearsVaries but typical less than 12 monthsAverage around 5 years
Customer serviceWhite glove service from your own loan specialist from day oneTend to be pretty transactionalNot exactly known for it
UnderwritingYour personal underwriter gets to know you and your business holisticallyUsually a computer algorithm checks your credit score and applicationA loan officer forwards your application to an underwriter for review
Approval timeIn as few as 10 daysA few daysMonth(s)
* Monthly versus daily payments can quickly and dramatically change the total cost of your loan, and sometimes make shorter-term cash advance rates appear less expensive than a term loan. A good lender will always be willing to help you calculate an APR (all costs for one year in a single equivalent interest rate), so that you can accurately compare the true cost of each loan.