A picture of Micahel Kain a funding circle borrower holding a bottle of gin
Michael Kain, MD of Bramley and Gage

248 people lent us £25,000 to help grow our business.


Do your part and help Britain grow by lending to British businesses. Investors can earn a 6.1%* average return after fees and bad debts. Remember, you are lending to businesses so your capital is at risk.


Get a fast, flexible loan, up to £1,000,000 for almost all requirements. Bypass the banks and have your loan funded directly by people and organisations across the UK.

The Government-backed British Business Bank is lending through Funding Circle

A picture of Rodney Buckland a funding circle investor
Rodney Buckland, 2012

Investors can earn a great return by lending to British businesses.

"I can take control of my return on investment and risk involved."

Rodney Buckland,

Antarctic explorer, academic, Funding Circle investor
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Digital finance lending to hit £1bn

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Cutting out middle-man helps factory grow

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The money we received from the 737 people who lent to us will help expand our brand internationally.

"Over 700 people lent money to my business. It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that a whole group of people think my business is a good idea."

Tom Williams,

Ark Consultants, March 2014
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A picture of Tom Williams a funding circle borrower
Tom Williams
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Kaizen Furniture

  • £100,000 borrowed
  • 612 lenders
  • 9.1% borrower interest rate
612 people lent £100k to Kaizen furniture in January

Kaizen Furniture designs and manufactures high quality furniture from their workshop in Essex. They borrowed £100k from over 612 people in the UK in January 2013, allowing them to grow their workshop and take on new projects.

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Tatty Devine

  • £100,000 borrowed
  • 1,211 lenders
  • 8.3% borrower interest rate
1,211 people lent £100k to Tatty Devine in May

Tatty Devine design unique fashion accessories from their base in Brick Lane in London. In May, they took out a peer-to-peer loan through Funding Circle for £100k which was funded by 1,211 people in 7 days.

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* This is the weighted average return across all investors lending for 180 days or more through Funding Circle over an annualised period. It includes all earnings and is calculated after fees and bad debt but before tax. Investment through Funding Circle involves lending to small and medium sized businesses so your investment can go down as well as up. Remember, past returns are not necessarily a guide to future returns. Data correct as of 19 February 2014. See the full calculation here.

** The British Business Bank Investment Programme is a part of the British Business Bank programme, which is currently run directly by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority. British Business Bank plc will operate as a Government-owned financial institution once HM Government has received European Commission State aid clearance, which is expected in 2014.