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How big of a business loan can I get?

How much of a business loan you can get depends on your business's annual gross sales, creditworthiness, current debts, the type of financing, and the chosen lender. In general, lenders will only provide loans up to 10% to 30% of your annual revenue to ensure you have the means for repayment.

Securing a small business loan can open a lot of doors for your organization. When applying for a small business loan, it is necessary to keep in mind what your financial goals are, along with what an affordable repayment plan would look like for your company.

Having worked with over 100,000 business owners and company leaders like you, we understand your concerns about overextending your budget or the fear of underfunding your projects. Our Account Managers have experience helping business owners who have been in the same shoes as you. With a deep knowledge of how small businesses tend to operate, and the roadblocks and growth goals they often face, our Account Managers are able to work closely with you to help you find a funding solution that works best for your business.

Our business loan calculator can provide you with an estimate as to what funding amounts are available, and what your monthly repayment range may look like.

Understanding Your Small Business Loan Calculator Results

Congratulations! You have just received an estimate on your small business loan repayment plan – so what’s next? Getting connected with one of our Account Managers to further discuss your unique organizational needs is the first step toward obtaining the funding you need. While we offers competitive interest rates, affordable monthly payments, no-prepayment penalties, and other financial benefits, it is our dedicated customer service that makes us a top online lending provider.

If you are seeking a loan in between this range, you’re not alone. Loans of this size are most common with small businesses across the United States. There are several benefits associated with securing a smaller loan amount through Funding Circle.

If you are seeking a larger loan, potentially up to half a million dollars, we are able to accommodate those funding needs as well. A loan in this amount provides businesses a significant amount of buying power to address a wide set of needs.

Our Account Managers will work hand-in-hand with you to craft a custom plan that fits your financial responsibilities and helps to position your business in the best opportunity for success.

Your small business loan calculator results can help you start to move in the right direction and better prepare your business for applying, securing, and repaying a small business loan. If you feel ready to apply or have questions to ask regarding your small business loan calculator forecast, our team is happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

Ready to meet your financial goals? Apply now and see what’s possible with a lending partner like Funding Circle.

Grow your business at an affordable rate

Forget expensive credit cards, inflexible lines of credit, and lenders with daily repayment schedules and outrageous fees. There’s a better way with Funding Circle.

With a business term loan you can expand to a new location, hire staff, buy more inventory, and fund your next step – all on an affordable plan.

We’re transparent about our rates and fees, because we believe you have a right to know the true cost of your loan. See if Funding Circle is the right financing option for your business.

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It really just fit with the needs of my business and what I was looking to accomplish.
Ron Schott, President and CEO of Ace Media Productions

Think about a better business term loan

  • Rates starting at 7.49%1
  • 6 month to 7 year terms, with fixed monthly payments
  • Get a decision in as little as two days
  • No prepayment fees, and only pay interest for the time you borrow
  • Simple, one-time origination fee
  • Borrow $25K to $500K

How Much Is A Small Business Loan?

We provide flexible, fast, and affordable small business loans tailored to your business. By keeping our fee structure transparent and simple, you always know the true cost of how much a business loan is. At Funding Circle, we provide a consistent, monthly repayment schedule. When it comes to wondering how much is a small business loan, there are no surprises, no heavier upfront payments, and no confusing jargon.

Even the interest rates are affordable on a small business loan with Funding Circle: We have among the most competitive rates in the industry, with APR starting at 8.75%. In January 2020, we were recognized by Money Magazine as the “Best Small Business Loan with a Low APR”. Don’t just wonder how much a business loan is; get your personalized rate today and you could get a decision in as little as two days with funds the next business day.

Why Funding Circle?

Funding Circle was created with a big idea: to revolutionize the outdated banking system and secure a better deal for small businesses. We passionately believe that when small businesses succeed, everyone benefits. To help your business thrive, we’ve taken the best parts of an SBA loan – like fixed and affordable once-monthly payments and no prepayment penalties – and created something faster and more flexible. From accountants and jewelers to bakers and filmmakers, we’ve helped thousands of businesses secure the financing they need to grow, create jobs, support local communities, and drive the economy forward.

Frequently Asked Questions
After you submit your financial documents an underwriter will review your application. Our underwriters look at what we call the the 5 Cs of credit:
  • Capacity: Your current cash flow, cash flow projections, and credit history.
  • Conditions: How you intend to use the loan and the state of your business’s industry
  • Capital: How much money you’ve invested in the business
  • Collateral: What type of assets and property you own
  • Character: Your business’ trustworthiness and stability
Your interest rate will be between 7.49% and 28.99%. Your rate is based off the term length of the loan and the strength of your credit profile. We know that a credit score isn’t the only indicator of a healthy business, so we consider a number of other factors when considering a loan application, from real–time cash flow and credit scores to online customer reviews.
Generally, the shorter the loan term, the lower the interest rate, and the higher the monthly payment.
The total cost of the loan is the total amount you would repay over the loan term. This includes the amount you borrow, the origination fee, and the total interest paid over the loan term.
Our business loans are fully amortizing term loans. Your monthly payment is based on the loan amount, the term length, and the interest rate. Upon approval, we will give you an amortization schedule of your loan showing you the due date of each payment, the monthly payment, the amount of the monthly payment applied to the loan principal and the amount applied to interest, and the remaining loan balance.
Just like your interest rate, your origination fee will be determined during our underwriting process and is based on the strength of your credit profile.

We believe in transparency. We charge an origination fee on each loan we fund, ranging from 4.49% to 10.49%. There are no hidden fees or prepayment penalties with your Funding Circle business term loan, meaning your application is absolutely free. If you change your mind, you can walk away obligation-free.

Once you have accepted a loan offer from Funding Circle, we do charge 5% on late payments. This amount covers our additional costs, including any bank processing fees, and the rest is passed on to our investors. If you think you might not be able to make a scheduled payment, please reach out to as as soon as possible at We will do our best to understand your situation and work with you on a solution.

We require a lien on your business assets and a personal guaranty from the primary business owners. Collateral can include, but is not limited to, equipment, vehicles, accounts receivable, and inventory.
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1 Rates may vary according to term and overall creditworthiness. To see what rate your business may qualify for, apply today at no obligation. This calculation is based on rates offered to some of our most creditworthy borrowers. Actual amount funded will be more than loan amount as we charge an origination fee which on top of loan amount.

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