About Us

Funding Circle USA is an online loan marketplace that connects small businesses looking for up to $500K with investors.

One of America’s greatest challenges is jumpstarting small businesses – banks and traditional lenders just aren’t willing to make loans, demanding high interest rates or long wait times.

At the same time, in the wake of the financial crisis, investors are searching for an asset class that promises strong risk-adjusted returns.

Funding Circle was founded with the mission of addressing these two problems by connecting investors with small businesses to the benefit of both.

Small business owners face a tough lending environment – even those with a strong operating performance, above-average credit, and available collateral. Traditional lenders don’t invest the resources to help entrepreneurs, whether due to small deal sizes, regulatory issues, or antiquated underwriting.

Funding Circle USA solves this problem by connecting businesses with smaller-scale accredited investors — family offices, wealth advisors, high net worth individuals, fixed income funds, and alternative asset managers. Funding Circle USA uses best-in-breed technology for credit evaluation and in support of its marketplace functionality.

Funding Circle USA was created in a merger between Funding Circle UK and Endurance Lending Network with the mission of empowering small businesses.

Endurance Lending Network was founded by Sam Hodges and Alex Tonelli, who were classmates at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Sam’s background at SecondMarket, an online marketplace for illiquid assets, made him familiar with the challenges faced by investors searching for a good asset class. Alex’s work as the owner of multiple gyms gave him perspective on the tight lending environment facing small businesses. Together, they teamed up to solve America’s small-business credit problem.

Endurance merged with Funding Circle in October 2013 to form Funding Circle USA, a robust marketplace for small businesses to secure funding from accredited investors.