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6 educational YouTube channels for entrepreneurs

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6 educational YouTube channels for entrepreneurs

Updated: March 27th, 2020

6 educational YouTube channels for entrepreneurs

Savvy business owners know learning new skills and strategies is crucial to success. And when it comes to educational resources, one of the most comprehensive — and entertaining — options for entrepreneurs is YouTube. Not only is it a free, efficient way to score great business tips and advice, it’s also super easy to tune in on your lunch break or during an afternoon lull.

Ready to ditch the cat videos and start transforming your business? Here are six of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs.  

1. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn’s channel, Smart Passive Income, is a veritable gold mine of information on all things entrepreneurship. Flynn, who writes a blog and hosts a podcast by the same name, has one overarching goal: to teach viewers how to create an online business that generates passive income.

Discussing everything from digital product creation to affiliate marketing, Flynn breaks down the specific strategies that have helped him establish multiple six-figure businesses. The principles in his videos — which include advice on how to write a stellar ‘about me’ page, get more email subscribers, sell online courses, and more — can be applied to any business, not just those generating passive income.  

2. Brian Tracy’s Success Channel

If you need a jolt of inspiration, head to Brian Tracy’s channel. Tracy, a best-selling self-development author and motivational speaker, has built his career on helping people achieve professional and personal success. His videos explore broad topics like productivity, goal-setting, sales, marketing, motivation, saving money, management strategy, and more. Using bullet points and fun illustrations, Tracy doles out quick, actionable tips you can try no matter where you’re at in your career.

3. Marie TV

On her YouTube channel, Marie Forleo — entrepreneur, author, and life coach — shares fun, practical advice on how to build your ideal business and life. With her high energy and candor, Forleo answers audience questions on various topics, including how to boost productivity, develop a brand, fall in love with marketing, craft better copy, learn how to say no, and do your most meaningful work. She also interviews fellow authors and entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and Daymond John about their setbacks and achievements.

4. The #AskGaryVee Show

If you’re looking for no-nonsense advice about business and marketing, serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (a.k.a Gary Vee) is the guy to watch. Vaynerchuk is a New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and founder and CEO of a large digital media agency. His years of business experience, combined with his intense, larger-than-life personality have helped him amass over one million YouTube subscribers. Some of his videos feature in-depth interviews with other entrepreneurs, while other videos share strategies for how to develop a personal brand, implement new marketing plans, and grow a social media following.

5. Always Be Creating

Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel is for anyone who wants to combine entrepreneurship with a creative pursuit. Blake, who’s an entrepreneur, author, and speaker, aims to help educate and inspire creatively-inclined individuals — from visual artists to bloggers — to start businesses they love. With a speaking style that’s equal parts motivational and straightforward, Blake shares tips on how to create a content plan, maximize your side hustle, discover your personal branding niche, grow a YouTube channel, and more.

6. Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand by Inc. shares the stories of top entrepreneurs and innovators. Host Bryan Elliott interviews trailblazers of all types (think business moguls, celebrities, professional athletes, authors, and more) to tap into the secrets behind their success. Chatting with guests like Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Bethany Hamilton, and Mark Cuban, Behind the Brand discusses everything from morning routines and technology to how to create richer content and confront your fears. You can watch full-length interviews, or check out five to 10-minute highlight clips if you’re short on time.


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