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Verification Document Checklist [PDF]

Business credit

Verification Document Checklist [PDF]

Updated: March 27th, 2020

Verification Document Checklist [PDF]

Congratulations on receiving your conditional Funding Circle loan offer! You’re just a couple steps away from getting funded — and the opportunity to see your business grow as you truly invest in its success.

Before we make it official, your underwriter may have requested that you submit a few additional documents to confirm your identity and business address. These usually include:

  1. DRIVER’S LICENSE of applicant and any additional guarantors
  2. UTILITY BILL for the location of the applicant’s business
  3. WIRE TRANSFER FORM complete with ABA/ACH routing numbers
    (provided by your Account Manager)

The sooner you submit these documents, the faster we can list your loan on our marketplace and transfer the funds to your bank account. For more detailed information on this and other possible verification documentation, please read through our Final Steps to Funding checklist.

Download the checklist

Starting to think about applying for a Funding Circle loan? Our online application is fast and simple — we usually require less than a handful of financial documents to underwrite deals up to $500,000. See what’s required.


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