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Good service matters: A case study on The South Eastern Eye Center

Success stories

Good service matters: A case study on The South Eastern Eye Center

Updated: March 27th, 2020

Good service matters: A case study on The South Eastern Eye Center

You can tell a lot about a business by looking at its motto or mission.

Take The South Eastern Eye Center, an optometry practice located in Georgia. Its motto is “Superior Service and Superior Eye Care” — a saying it takes seriously. Learn more about its story below:

Treating patients right is especially important to Dr. Nacondus Gamble, as many of her patients are military families, and she sees her practice as a way to give back to those who are serving our country. “If it weren’t for the families of the soldiers that I see, I wouldn’t have a job and I wouldn’t have the freedoms that I have.”

Wanting more autonomy in her work life, Dr. Gamble left another medical practice and bought The South Eastern Eye Center in 2009. She hasn’t looked back since. Now, not only does she have the freedom to tailor each eye exam to the needs of the patient, but her kids are also thrilled: “They see mommy and they’re so proud of me. They tell everybody ‘my mom owns that business’ — even if I don’t want them to. It’s kind of awesome.”

Clearly finding her calling, Nacondus continued growing her business — equipping her office with the latest and greatest technology to attract new customers —  and decided that she wanted to expand her practice by adding another location, which would require more funding.

Unfortunately, she soon discovered that it was hard to get the kind of service she was used to giving. “I called a couple of places and was speaking to another lender, but I just felt like they were taking advantage of me. It was unnecessarily harsh.”

That’s when Nacondus received a letter from Funding Circle. Intrigued by our simple and transparent process, she decided to apply.

From the get-go, she didn’t need 20/20 vision to see that Funding Circle was different from other lenders. “Funding Circle made it easy and streamlined. Some other companies make the application process so hard, but I didn’t feel like borrowing money needed to be hard.”

“I felt like my account manager understood me and was really, truly trying to help.”

In addition, she was happy to see that Funding Circle had the same commitment to white-glove service as she does. After she submitted her application, we promptly assigned her a dedicated account manager to answer her questions, explain our process, and guide next steps — which was the cherry on top of an already-easy process. “My account manager really kept me abreast of things. Once I sent a few documents in, he kept me updated each step of the way with regular emails.”

“Normally I’m very critical by nature, but I really liked Funding Circle’s process.”

Soon after applying, Nacondus was approved for a $110,000 loan that she used to open up another office. Her new office is six times bigger than her original, and she likes to say, “I’m six times better than where I was, and that’s because of Funding Circle.”

With two offices, Dr. Gamble is one step closer to her long term goal: being the name synonymous with superior eye care in the southeast. And we at Funding Circle couldn’t be prouder of being part of her journey.

Like Dr. Gamble, we believe in delivering superior service. Apply today with no obligation, and talk to a dedicated account manager about how Funding Circle can help your business grow.

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