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Must-read Funding Circle interview hacks

Business credit

Must-read Funding Circle interview hacks

Updated: August 15th, 2019

Must-read Funding Circle interview hacks

Want to land your dream job at a mission-driven tech company in a major growth spurt? You’ve come to the right place! We’re thrilled to be named the third-fastest growing tech company by the San Francisco Business Times, and we’re looking for innovators, problem solvers and pioneers to join the team and help us build a better financial world.

Unlike other Silicon Valley companies, we tend to move through the hiring process very quickly. We value a really positive candidate experience and love to show off our culture, the impact new joiners can make, and the enormous opportunities for personal growth available at Funding Circle.

We offer all the standard “start-up” perks, but the biggest benefit that Funding Circle offers is organic and authentic human connection. You spend a huge amount of time at work, so we think it should be enjoyable. For example, we have monthly Passion Project Lunches where everyone gathers for Ted Talk-style presentations on any topic someone is passionate about — including, but not limited to, Janet Jackson tours, mindfulness, international travel hacking, car engines, gourmet breakfast food, and social enterprise for good (check out Indego Africa!).

Funding Circle Front Desk

What are you looking for in a workplace culture? Here are our six favorite Funding Circle interview hacks.

1. Be passionate.

We are a mission-driven company, so it’s important to show that you are passionate about our journey to build a better financial world. For Brian (Partnerships), there’s no middle ground. “If you care enough about our mission, put your full heart into it, and even risk getting your heart broken, you belong here.”

2. Make it happen.

To Melissa and Evelyn (Growth Marketing), flexibility is key to being ambitious for the business. “Embrace change! We can’t improve unless we try new things, which is a huge part of our test-and-learn approach.” For Jack (Engineering), this applies doubly for technical candidates. “We don’t always use the same tools that other web developers use, and we are not afraid to use a new tool if it’s right for the job. A willingness to try new things is important.” Want to learn more? Check out the engineering team’s top five values on their team blog.

3. Stand together.

We look for incredibly driven brainstormers who laugh easily and support others, and win and lose as one. For Hanako (People Ops), “it’s not about being ‘the best’ but how you support your team to be the best.” In fact, the only person Nik (Partnerships) can’t imagine doing well at Funding Circle is someone who hasn’t bought into the team as a whole: “Competitive self-promoters don’t go far here.”

4. Live the adventure.

We like to bring the passion with us every day – and have fun! For Dan (Design), cultural fit is an inexact science but he knows it when he sees it: “The target Funding Circler possesses the optimal ratio of work and play with the necessary brains and charm to live and implement both.” Other qualities that are important to Rebecca and Alexandra (Brand & Strategy) include: “Must love dogs, succulents, puns, Fiesta Fridays, Off the Grid food trucks, and the challenge of working somewhere that will never be content to rest upon its laurels.”

5. Think smart.

Make it clear what type of job and culture you’re looking for, and how that aligns with the role you’ve applied for at Funding Circle. Nothing is worse than someone saying they want to be in a small start-up culture while simultaneously interviewing at Deloitte. Not sure what you’re looking for? Pick our brains during the process to help determine if we are a good fit. Manali (Capital Markets) suggests, “Do your research! And come prepared with good questions for us. A handwritten thank you note gets you extra points, too.”

6. Be open.

We believe transparency builds trust. Be honest in the interview and give genuine answers – don’t be too careful or overthink it. We hire genuine people with integrity who know who they are and what they want, and clearly and consistently communicate this throughout the interview process. What does Sandy (Business Development) look for beyond skills and experience? “Emotionally intelligent and humble people with a kickass work ethic and team-player mentality.”

Up for the challenge? Check out our open positions and apply today! Don’t forget to ask for a referral if you know a Funding Circler.


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