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Marketing like you mean it

Updated: November 19th, 2020

Marketing like you mean it

As a small business owner, you know the competition for new customers is fierce — especially if you’re competing against enormous national brands with over-inflated marketing budgets. So what’s a small business owner to do?

To be successful, your business must find a way to stand out from the crowd and make an impression — without breaking the bank.

This half-hour webinar will teach you how to effectively win and keep customers by developing a cost-effective digital marketing strategy for small businesses that includes:

  • An in-depth understanding of what marketing is, and who it’s for
  • How to define a value proposition
  • Where to find your customers and how to meaningfully interact with them
  • How to design a website that will attract repeat customers
  • Tips for leveraging social media like a pro
  • The key to using email marketing to inspire more sales

Do you have tips or tools for how to implement a winning marketing strategy? Join the conversation on Facebook and learn more from other savvy small business owners.


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