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7 unconventional Valentine’s Day gift ideas

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7 unconventional Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Updated: March 27th, 2020

7 unconventional Valentine’s Day gift ideas

February 14 is right around the corner — do you know what you’re getting your significant other?

This year, instead of opting for the traditional flowers and chocolate, show your love (and support small businesses!) by going unconventional. From bacon-scented candles to hand-dyed scarves, we’ve got you covered with this Valentine’s Day gift guide.

KuKuRuZa Favorites Gift Bag from KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn

If you want to go the food route, you can’t go wrong with this popcorn gift set. Salted caramel? Check. Truffle Fromage Porcini? Check. Your partner’s undying appreciation? Check.

Shop KuKuRuZa

Custom Candle Jar from Madison Valley Candles

Does your significant other like the smell of gummy bears? Lavender? Bacon? Money? Madison Valley Candles offers over 100 fragrances you can choose from, so it’s the perfect opportunity to show you really know your loved one.

Shop Madison Valley Candles

Beauty Awake Necklace from River + Sky

In addition to being beautiful, the product description for this necklace says that the stones used “attract prosperity and good luck,” so really, you’re giving the gift that keeps on giving! That’s a win.

Shop River + Sky

Silk and Cotton Scarf from Purse & Clutch

Purse & Clutch works directly with artisans in Guatemala and Ethiopia to help end the cycle of poverty, so you can feel extra-good about buying their beautiful bags, wallets, and accessories. Just to recap, here’s who wins when you buy with Purse & Clutch:

  1. Your recipient gets a beautiful gift.
  1. Purse & Clutch gets to reinvest their profits into their small business.
  1. Men and women in other countries get dignified and sustainable jobs.
  2. You feel good about buying a unique gift, supporting small business, and providing jobs to people around the world.

Shop Purse & Clutch

Rose Delight Candle from Candle Delirium

Can’t afford to whisk your significant other off for a romantic getaway? The Rose Delight candle from Candle Delirium is inspired by Turkish delight, a Middle Eastern sweet, and will envelop any room in rose, honey, and lemon. We’re sure Edmund from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe would approve of this gift choice.

Shop Candle Delirium

Full Zip Micro and Poly Fleece Jacket from Earthletics

You know that warm feeling you get when you think of your significant other? They probably feel the same way thinking about you, but you should give them this jacket anyway — for those times that warm feeling isn’t enough to keep you from freezing in sub-30 degree weather.

Shop Earthletics

Valentine’s Day Box of Caramels from Shotwell Candy Co.

Chocolates? That’s been done before. Treat your significant other to something new with a box of luxurious caramels in amazing flavors like Craft Beer & Pretzel, “Old Fashioned” Cocktail, and Hand-Crushed Espresso. In your partner’s eyes, the only thing sweeter than these handmade caramels will be you!

Shop Shotwell Candy Co


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