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3 ways to power through your day

Updated: March 27th, 2020

3 ways to power through your day

Picture this: a business owner sitting at their desk for hours, poring over financial statements, communicating with customers, a quickly cooling mug of coffee nearby to help them power through the day.

Sound familiar? We surveyed over 1,000 entrepreneurs about their relationship with coffee and found that over 45% of small business owners drink two or more cups of coffee per day. With a constantly growing to-do list and a Starbucks on every corner, it’s no surprise to learn that small business owners stay fairly caffeinated!

Over 45% of small business owners drink 2 or more cups of coffee per day! Click to Tweet

Looking to cut back on your coffee consumption? Here are 3 alternate ways to get going:

Get moving.

Getting off the phone, out of your chair, and on your feet is a great way to refocus. 16% of entrepreneurs surveyed said hitting the gym is one of their go-to techniques for gathering their energy during a long day at the office.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve always found exercise to be a key part of my work day,” said Sam Hodges, former small business owner and co-founder of Funding Circle. “Exercise helps me manage my stress level, provides time to clear my head so I can be focused when I’m in the office, and also provides a way to ensure I have the physical energy necessary to handle a grueling work and travel schedule.”

Don’t have time for a gym trip? Try taking a short walk around the block! 44% of business owners said that taking a walk also makes their list of easy ways to get their energy back up.

Take a break.

It’s hard to keep chugging along at 110% — you need to give yourself time to breathe! Take a step back and set aside some time to unwind. Studies have even shown that brain activity increases in areas associated with problem-solving when we allow our minds to wander! 26% of business owners like to have a quick chat with a friend, colleague, or family member, and 15% said they’ll play a game on their smartphone. Even a short break can help you relax, and ready to dive back into work.


Sometimes, the only solution is the obvious one. If you’re feeling worn out, the best solution might be to get some shut-eye, recharge, and come back to work refreshed. Although a quick nap won’t necessarily replace regular nights of restful sleep, the National Sleep Foundation recommends a short nap of 20-30 minutes to improve your alertness and mood.

22% of business owners surveyed agreed that napping is one of their top choices for ways to their head back in the game. In the midst of a busy day, finding time can be hard — but if you can spare even 20 minutes, grabbing a quick power nap might be a great option. You’ll awake refreshed and geared up to power through the rest of your day.

How do you kick your energy up a notch when you feel your eyelids drooping at work? Tell us about it! Join the conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


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