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Funding Circle is a marketplace where people and organisations can lend to businesses at a rate that suits everyone.
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77% of businesses that borrow from Funding Circle would approach us first for a loan rather than go to a bank

NESTA report May 2013

We believe we're better for businesses

Funding Circle loans are fast, flexible and can offer great rates

  • Borrow up to £1,000,000

    You can borrow between £5k and £1M to keep your business growing.

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  • Flexible loans

    You can borrow for all sorts of requirements, including:

    Working Capital, Expansion Capital, Asset Finance, One off business expenses

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  • Simple fees

    You pay a one-off fee of 2-5% of your loan amount when you accept your loan. Additional fees may be added if you are late in your repayments.

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  • Quick and convenient

    Apply online in as little as 20 minutes and speak directly to decision makers to get a response within 2 working days. You could get money in your bank account within 2 weeks, and in as little as 3 days.

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  • Rates that suit you

    Investors compete to lend you money and they can bid as little as £20 each. The lowest interest rates bid make up your loan and you only accept the loan if the rate suits you.

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Screenshot of Tom Williams of Ark Consultants, a borrower on Funding Circle, talking

You need half an hour to apply what's to lose? The loan happened so quickly, it was me dragging my feet!

Tom Williams, Ark Consultants, 2014

How borrowing works

Taking a business loan through Funding Circle means you'll be borrowing directly from people and organisations.

Once your loan is on the marketplace, hundreds of investors compete with each other to lend you money, giving you the most competitive interest rate possible for your risk band.

After you accept a loan, you make one repayment each month which is collected by Funding Circle and distributed to all the investors.

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    Step 1: Apply

    • Simply fill out our online application form in as little as 20 minutes. One of our credit assessment team will get back to you within 2 working days of receiving your complete application.

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    Step 2: Your loan is listed on the marketplace

    • Registered Funding Circle investors will then start bidding amounts of money at rates they want to lend at.

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    Step 3: Accept your loan

    • You can accept your loan as soon as it's fully funded. Alternatively, auctions can be kept live until the end of the listing period to see if the rate will fall as more bids are placed.

    • If you've applied for an unsecured loan: once you've accepted your loan online we'll transfer the funds to your account on the same working day (or, for asset finance loans we'll pay your supplier directly).

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