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We’ve partnered with Thrive Mental Wellbeing to provide mental health support for all SMEs across the UK

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We’ve partnered with Thrive Mental Wellbeing to provide mental health support for all SMEs across the UK

Updated: 8 February 2024

We’ve joined forces with Thrive Mental Wellbeing, a mental wellbeing app trusted by the NHS, to help small business leaders and employees get more support with their mental health. 

As our Resilience in Small Business report showed, many small businesses often don’t have mental health services in place. However, it’s clear this support is badly needed, with only 41% of SME leaders believing that staff wellbeing has improved over the past year, and 88% saying that mental health is an area for focus in the next 12-18 months. 

Through our partnership with Thrive Mental Wellbeing, we’re able to offer free access to the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app to our existing borrowers for 12 months, and Thrive’s unlimited in-app therapy service to our most vulnerable borrowers. And if you’re not a Funding Circle customer, don’t worry – we’re offering an exclusive discount on Thrive Mental Wellbeing access to all small businesses, helping to level the playing field for SMEs and enable all businesses to give their employees the mental health support they need. 

If you’re already a Funding Circle borrower, please contact your account manager to get your unique access code. If you’re not a borrower, sign up to get an exclusive discount here or learn more about Thrive on their website.

From meditation and deep muscle relaxation to cognitive behavioural therapy and mood journals, we believe every small business will find valuable, convenient and affordable mental health support through the Thrive Mental Wellbeing app. 

08/02/24: Funding Circle partners with Thrive Therapeutic Software Ltd (“Thrive”) to offer Thrive’s mental healthcare services (“Services”) to Funding Circle customers. By signing up to the Services, you will enter into a direct relationship with Thrive. You will need to comply with any of Thrive’s terms and conditions
and accept these terms entirely at your own risk.

Thrive only permits one person access per Thrive account. You must not allow multiple users to access your account. Funding Circle has no authority or ability to negotiate or vary the Services or Thrive’s terms or enter into any contract on behalf of Thrive. Thrive may decline to provide Services to you entirely at its own discretion and is under no obligation to enter into a contract with you or any other form of relationship or correspondence with you.

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