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People Management

The pawsitive power of pets

Updated: 19 October 2021

Research has shown that having a furry companion at work can improve staff wellbeing and productivity. Whether you work in a busy office, a shared workspace or from the comfort of your own home, in this post we’ll be looking at the benefits of canine colleagues.


1. They help keep us active

Sitting down all day doesn’t do wonders for our health, but a dog-friendly environment could help change our habits. Stats show that 52% of people regularly eat lunch at their desks. By having a dog around, you’ll have the extra incentive to take a  stroll over your break instead, stretching your legs and getting some fresh air.  

2. Pets can reduce stress

Feeling ruff and in need of a mental breather? Studies reveal that having a dog in the workplace can have a calming influence and actually reduce employee stress levels. Whether that’s being around your own pet or someone else’s, there’s something about being in the company of a dog that can alleviate unnecessary stress.

3. They can increase employee productivity

Research has also found that removing yourself from your work and giving your brain a little break can improve our productivity and overall energy levels. If you have a pet in your workplace, you’ll be much more likely to take some time away from your screen and return to your work feeling refreshed and engaged.

4. Pets bring the team together

Not only are pups good for our mental health, but a canine colleague can also be an effective way to help create a sense of collectiveness within a team or company. With the power to bring others together, an office dog can help to boost morale, become a shared interest and also be a conversation starter for individuals who are new to the company.

5. Your loyal friend won’t be left at home alone!

Finally, bringing your pets to work doesn’t just have a positive impact on us, it also benefits the pets! Most dogs are social animals and would prefer to be around people all day rather than staying home alone. Some say it also helps them build more confidence and independence, which in turn fuels their happiness. With a canine colleague at work, anything’s pawsible.  

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