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Why is team building important for your business?

People Management

Why is team building important for your business?

Updated: 19 October 2021

Have you noticed a lack of staff morale recently? A few droopy shoulders and tired eyes around the office? That could be a sign it’s time to plan a team offsite.

Team building brings employees together and empowers individuals to recognise and contribute to achieving common goals. Although it’s important for businesses to focus on keeping clients happy, it’s vital this isn’t at the expense of employees’ job satisfaction. Team offsites allocate a specific time to focus solely on your employees and the future of your business.

The first stage is planning the purpose of your offsite. Apart from getting employees up and out of the office, what is the key focus? Is it to discuss plans and targets for the next quarter or simply to improve relationships within your team? Perhaps it’s both. Either way, make sure everyone understands the agenda behind having your offsite. Listen to your employees and ask for their input on which areas and topics they’d like to cover. Making this anonymous creates a safe space for people to raise any concerns they may have. By doing so, you can ensure the offsite is relevant and useful for your employees.

Team offsites can either be loved or loathed. Aside from discussing team goals or concerns, make sure it’s a day your team will look forward to in their calendar. Why not go the extra mile and book an Escape Room or a Crystal Maze? Although these activities may not seem important, they are great for boosting team spirit. They encourage individuals to recognise each other’s strengths, share tips and together achieve a team goal. They also allow employees to get to know each other in a relaxed environment and, most importantly, have fun. There’s no point planning a team building offsite if it just mirrors a normal day at the office. If you do want to use the day to focus on business objectives, keep the evening free for something light-hearted. Something as simple as a team dinner can go a long way in making sure your employees feel valued.

So why is team building important for your business?

Improve communication

Efficient communication is a key ingredient for a successful business. Miscommunication can lead to missed deadlines and a lack of trust, which can create bigger issues for your business. Team building helps strengthen existing relationships, as well as forming entirely new ones. It’s a great way to encourage interaction between individuals in the team who may not work closely together. Improving these relationships helps communication flow more smoothly within your team, which in turn can improve efficiency.

Break down barriers

It’s common to see a disconnect between management and other employees. Team building helps bridge this gap, helping those in leadership positions be seen as a colleague, rather than a boss. If employees are comfortable around their managers, they’ll feel more confident expressing their ideas and opinions. Employees work harder when they feel supported, which helps your business to flourish.

Encourage creativity and innovation

Off-site workshops encourage staff to think outside of their normal work routine. It’s a safe space where employees can bounce ideas off each other in a relaxed environment. Team building is all about pulling people together with different ideologies and mindsets. This mix of individuals gives rise to imaginative and fresh ideas. It’s often at team building offsites that the best ideas are formed for your business. It’s a time to make decisions, so you can go back to work and put them into action.

Increase productivity

Team building activities allow individuals to identify each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. Solving problems together in a relaxed environment is likely to improve employees’ ability to work efficiently as a team in the workplace. These exercises can determine strong points in an individual’s personality, such as leadership skills. It can be a good means of self-assessment and highlight opportunities for employees to build on those strengths.

It’s easy to get caught up in your busy work routine, but challenge yourself to put this into practice. It’s a small investment, but one which could really pay off in the long run. The success of a businesses relies on individuals working together efficiently and productively. In the words of Henry Ford – ”Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”.

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