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Autobid tool

Making lending quick & easy

If you are short of time, or don’t want to research individual businesses to lend to, you can use our Autobid tool to quickly lend to lots of businesses that fit your chosen criteria.

Autobid tool features

  • Lend at the average rate

    Autobid will lend automatically for you. Rates are typically set based on the risk band and term of the loan. When buying loan parts from other investors, you can choose the gross interest rate you're happy to lend at. Remember to include an allowance for fees and estimated bad debts.

    Risk bands
    Term of loan (months)A+ABCDE
  • Diversify your lending

    Set Autobid to lend up to 1% of your money to each business, depending on the level of diversification you want to achieve. A low percentage can ensure your money is spread across a wider range of businesses, which helps to manage risk.

  • Choose which risk bands to lend to

    In the ‘Advanced Settings’ you can choose which risk bands you want to lend to, from A+ to E.

  • Automatically lend your repayments

    As you receive repayments they are automatically lent back out to new borrowers, so you can spread your money across even more businesses.

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