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How to withdraw your available funds

How Lending Works

How to withdraw your available funds

Updated: 21 April 2021

Here we give a step by step guide of how to withdraw Available Funds from your Funding Circle account. If you are withdrawing for the first time, you will need to set up a nominated bank account, which is also set out below. 

What are Available Funds?

When you have lending switched on, your funds are automatically lent out to businesses. By switching lending off, the repayments you receive each month will accrue in your account as Available Funds, which can be withdrawn at any time. 

Important note: All lending from individual investors is currently paused, as is the option to sell loans to other investors. This means that funds will accrue in your account that can be withdrawn at any time. 

How to withdraw Available Funds

When logged into your Funding Circle account click on the Transfers tab 

Then select Transfer out:

You can withdraw some or all of your Available Funds, and there is no minimum withdrawal amount. Funds can take up to 3 working days to arrive in your bank account, but should arrive the following day if you make your request on a working day.

When you have successfully requested a withdrawal to your nominated account you’ll receive a confirmation by email.

Withdrawing for the first time – How to set up a nominated bank account

As part of our security requirements, the first time you request a withdrawal we will need to verify that your bank account belongs to you. Normally this can be done automatically in a few simple steps. You’ll then be able to make withdrawals quickly and securely.

To start, click ‘Add bank account’: 

You will then be asked to confirm your personal details, with the option to update these if the information is out of date. Please ensure the details are correct and match your bank account information to increase the chance of your bank account being verified automatically.

Once you have confirmed your details, you will be asked to enter the account number and sort code of your bank account:

If we are able to verify the bank account automatically, you will see that your account has been added successfully and you will be able to enter an amount to withdraw:

If we are unable to verify your bank account automatically, you will be required to provide further details. There are a number of reasons why the check may not pass automatically, for example if your bank account was opened a long time ago or if it is a joint account. Click continue and follow the instructions to upload a copy of your bank account details: 

Once this has been verified by our team you will receive an email confirming that you are now able to log in and withdraw funds.

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