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Welcome to Brandscape — the fiendishly difficult cryptic puzzle by Funding Circle

You will find visual clues for 60 globally recognised brands and companies in the following image. Some are incredibly simple; others are so frustratingly difficult you’ll want to tear your hair out.

Answer all 60 correctly and you will become a #BrandscapeMaster, with your name in the Brandscape Hall of Fame. You'll need to delve into your knowledge of film, literature, music, nature and most importantly — questionable puns. Think you have what it takes?

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If you're stuck on any of the clues, use the Help! button to ask your friends on social media. If you get really stuck, you can always send a tweet to @FundingCircleUK — you never know, we may give you a helping hand.

To start you off we will give you one clue for free. We may have included ourselves…

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