Funding Circle launches across Europe to help more small business access finance

Today we’re excited to announce that we’re joining forces with Zencap, to create the first truly global marketplace lending platform and to help millions of businesses across Europe access finance.

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Zencap currently operates in Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, and has experienced strong growth over the past 18 months with more than €35 million lent to 520 businesses. They are Continental Europe’s leading marketplace for small business loans and will now operate as Funding Circle across Europe.

Together as one business we combine their established home grown team and local knowledge, with our experience and innovative technology. The European business will operate separately from Funding Circle in the UK, so there will be no change to your lending experience; investors based in the UK will continue to lend to businesses in only the UK. 

Since launching in the UK in 2010, the Funding Circle marketplace has helped 12,000 businesses access more than $1.5 billion of finance in the UK and US. We’re excited to be taking this technology to Europe, so we can help businesses borrow in a faster and more efficient way whilst giving investors the opportunity to make a return on their money.

Commenting on today’s news, Samir Desai CEO and co-founder of Funding Circle said: “Our vision is to help millions of businesses across the world sidestep the outdated and inefficient banking system and borrow from investors. Today’s news is the next exciting stage of this journey. We have been hugely impressed with what the Zencap team have achieved so far. By coming together we combine Funding Circle’s leading position in the UK and US with Zencap’s deep understanding of local markets to create the first truly global marketplace lending platform.”

Today’s news is the next step towards a global revolution in the way small businesses access finance. We’re over on the forum talking about this, so please do join the conversation.

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9 thoughts on “Funding Circle launches across Europe to help more small business access finance

    • Hi Hazel. Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately not at this time due to different regulation in each country. Antonia

      • Was the entire European platform open to Zencap investors pre acquisition, or were they limited to the country in which they reside?

          • You are probably referring to tax issues on profits gained through these investments. Each country has different tax laws and interest exemption and not to forget are subject to the country of your main residency. As truly exciting as this is it will take a while to sort those aspects into an efficient model and I imagine if feasible it will come at a higher fee because of the GBP to EUR conversions and money transfer and combined platform development cost. Talk about complexity!

  1. It’s not even called Zencap any more. It’s the UK FC website translated into German! What’s the point of our EU membership if we can’t even access it?

    • I have the same question, but have not seen an answer yet, so that is why I’m posting this. Nothing to do with tax, because every country is different.

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