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Sources of Independent Free Advice


Sources of Independent Free Advice

Updated: 9 August 2023

At Funding Circle, we are committed to supporting our borrowers wherever we can. If you find yourself facing difficulties in repaying borrowed money or if money is causing you worry, we are here to offer support and assist you in managing the situation.

Here is a list of resources to help you during challenging times. The below organisations aim to support businesses and individuals navigating financial difficulties with independent, free and impartial advice or emotional support.  By utilising these resources, you can access helpful information and tools to better handle your financial situation.

NB: Please be cautious of companies with similar sounding names which will appear at the top of your list of searches which may charge for their services.

Mental health


Samaritans is a registered charity aimed at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope or at risk of suicide throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. 
116 123


Thrive Mental Wellbeing provides clinically proven mental healthcare anytime, anywhere, for as long as is needed. They combine science, clinical experience, and the latest technology to help people manage and improve their mental health. Thrive Mental Wellbeing helps people maintain good mental health and access help if needed before a minor issue becomes a major crisis.

We’ve partnered with Thrive Mental Wellbeing to offer free access to the app to our existing borrowers for 12 months, and Thrive’s unlimited in-app therapy service to our most vulnerable borrowers. And if you’re not a Funding Circle borrower, don’t worry – we’re offering an exclusive discount on Thrive Mental Wellbeing access to all small businesses, helping to level the playing field for SMEs and enable all businesses to give their employees the mental health support they need. 

If you’re already a Funding Circle borrower, look out for the exclusive free access code in your monthly email newsletter or contact your account manager. If you’re not a borrower, sign up to get an exclusive discount here or learn more about Thrive on their website.
0333 800 2080

General support with money

Money Helper 

Money Helper is an organisation whose statutory objective is to develop and co-ordinate a national strategy to improve people’s financial capabilities. The service provides free money guidance and debt advice online and by telephone. 
0800 138 7777

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Bureau provide free, confidential information and advice to assist people with financial, legal and other issues that may arise.

Debt support

National Debtline

National Debtline offer free and independent advice through telephone and online advice services. Website includes fact sheets on bankruptcy, IVA, DROs etc.
0808 808 4000

Stepchange Debt Charity

They offer free debt advice that is based on a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s situation, providing practical help and support for however long it’s needed.
0800 138 1111

Business Debtline

Business Debtline are part of National Debtline, and are the only organisation that offers advice to business owners.
0800 197 6026

Debt Advice Foundation

Free debt advice telephone helpline and online self-help tools.
0800 043 40 50

Other support and information


AdviceUK is UK’s largest support network for independent advice organisations. They strengthen and support advice services and create opportunities for networking and sharing of sector knowledge. They provide complementary products and services, tailored to the needs of the advice sector and speak up for our members at a national level with the ultimate aim of making life easier for those in desperate need of help.

Financial Ombudsman Service

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a free and easy-to-use service that settles complaints between consumers and businesses that provide financial services. We resolve disputes fairly and impartially, and have the power to put things right.

Civil Legal Advice

Civil Legal Advice offers free and confidential legal advice in England and Wales for people eligible for legal aid. Legal aid can help pay for legal advice, family mediation or representation in court or at a tribunal.

Money Advice Scotland 

Money Advice Scotland is Scotland’s money charity which exists to help people in debt, support money advisers, and influence policy.
0808 800 444

Advice NI 

The Independent Advice Network providing advice to those that need it most throughout Northern Ireland.
0800 915 4604

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