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Introducing multi-factor authentication 

Introducer News

Introducing multi-factor authentication 

Updated: 13 February 2024

To better protect your clients’ data and your commission, we’re replacing the security questions in our portal with multi-factor authentication when you log in. 

We’ll be rolling this feature out throughout February. When it launches, it means that after you’ve entered your email address and password, you’ll also need to enter a code you receive via text. If you’re sharing a log in with colleagues, we recommend setting up individual accounts for each user to make it easier for everyone to access the portal when they need to.

If you submit applications through Funding Circle and currently share a login with your team or colleagues, you’ll now need to create your own account so you can add your mobile number to receive codes. Please set up your own individual account by 31st January 2024

How to set up a new account: 

  1. An admin user needs to log in to the broker portal 
  2. Once logged in, click the ‘Users’ tab
  3. Enter the broker’s email address they wish to create an account for
  4. We’ll then send an email to the broker to finish setting up their new account 
  5. The broker needs to fill in their details and their account will be ready to go

Once the new account is set up, we can add the additional layer of security to make sure all personal data is kept safe and secure. Please note only brokers who submit applications need to set up an account and doing this will not impact the communities portal.  

If you have any questions about please reach out to your BDM, or contact us on

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