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How the Business Development Manager team support you and your clients

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How the Business Development Manager team support you and your clients

Updated: 28 September 2022

The Business Development Manager (BDM) team is key to helping brokers build a strong relationship with Funding Circle and their clients. Here’s a little bit about them, and how they can support you going forward… 

Who is the Business Development Manager team? 

The Business Development Manager team is made up of eight BDMs who cover the whole of the UK. The team in the North is managed by Michael Morris, and includes Sarah Sheeran, Martina Gualniera, Jessica Fairbank and Ben Frank. And the team in the South is managed by Shaun Jennings, and consists of Katrina Patel, Khalid Hussein, Emmet Hyde and Maggie Gemmill.

How do they work with Introducers?

The BDM team is the face of Funding Circle within the Introducer market. Their role is to help grow and develop our Key Introducer relationships, and they’re responsible for keeping our Key Introducers up to speed with any important developments or changes that impact the relationship, both internally and externally. Alongside this, they also help to provide any data insights, marketing support and analysis that the Introducer community can use. 

The BDM team works in conjunction with the Introducer Support team, who help to ensure that we’re providing a great service on any introductions via the application portal. 

The team’s goal is to grow our Introducer relationships, and make sure both the volume and quality remain high. The team are all fantastic and have excellent knowledge of Funding Circle, so continue to provide a high-quality service to all. 

In 2022, the BDMs are really looking forward to seeing our Introducers in person where possible. There are lots of exciting developments to come this year – with the expansion of our instant decision tool and new Funding Circle products – so they’re very much looking forward to another great year of supporting clients. 

Managers Michael Morris and Shaun Jennings said: “The last 18 months have been a challenging but also rewarding period working with our valued Introducers. We have been able to help both our Introducers and SME clients to not just survive, but thrive in these difficult times.”

If you have any questions about how the BDM team can help you, feel free to contact them on or 0203 667 2208.

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