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6 Ways To Ensure Your Website Keeps Generating Leads

Customer Acquisition

6 Ways To Ensure Your Website Keeps Generating Leads

Updated: 12 August 2020


Keeping your pages fresh is key when it comes to attracting visitors. There’s no point investing your time in designing and developing the ‘perfect’ website, only to forget about it once all the hard work’s over and it’s gone live.

Unfortunately, for many companies, it’s a mistake that’s easily made as they turn their attention to focusing on other areas of their business. However, your website is something you can’t afford to ignore, and it needs to be maintained to ensure it’s as effective as possible in attracting and keeping customers.

Websites that are kept up to date, load quickly and feature engaging content have a better chance of being successful.

Here are six easy ways you can ensure your website stays relevant and engaging, and continues to resonate with your customers:

  1. Make sure it’s performing in line with concrete performance objectives –without clear strategic goals, you risk being unclear on how your website is helping you gain new customers and build deeper relationships with existing ones
  2. Know your target audience and view your site through their eyes – when you put yourself in your customers’ shoes, you’re more likely to reach them
  3. Avoid grammatical mistakes, dead links or performance errors – all are total turn offs and can compromise your credibility
  4. Content is king – regularly update your pages with fresh content, such as blogs, news items or videos, to get maximum return on your online investment
  5. Keep up with changes in design trends– increase the lifespan of your site by following the latest developments and incorporating them where you can. This may involve a redesign at some point
  6. Stay on top of the latest online formats – HTML format has changed dramatically over the last five years alone, from a very basic version to HTML5.0, which is fast becoming the new standard for building websites and applications

By Paul O’Hagan, Cognition Agency

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