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Why finding a business advisor is key to success

Business Support

Why finding a business advisor is key to success

Updated: 31 May 2022

Ryan Elliot, Content Manager at Enterprise Nation, explores how hiring a business advisor could unlock doors and help your business reach its potential.

Running your own business is tough. For many entrepreneurs, it’s a labour of love which dominates their every waking moment, and with so many responsibilities and considerations landing on their plate with seemingly unrelenting regularity, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

However, there is an abundance of expert business advisors out there who can provide invaluable advice, support and feedback for those keen to really push their business to the next level. 

It applies to business of all levels too, from global CEOs to one-man bands. Wherever you’re at with your journey, here’s a rundown of five great benefits of finding yourself a business advisor.

1.) Unlock new perspectives 

If you’re running a business, particularly if you’re solely in charge, it’s easy to become tunnel-visioned. 

Continuously employing the same thought processes to address problems can lead to solutions being missed. This is why having a fresh pair of eyes, to potentially help you shift focus and address things from different angles, generally comes in handy. 

As human beings, it’s easy to become stubborn and insistent that ‘it’s my way or the highway’ but utilising that outside presence to add another layer of perspective onto proceedings is never a bad thing. 

2.) Reach your full potential 

It’s not always easy to push yourself to fulfil what you’re capable of, and there’s an element of safety in taking the conservative approach. Striding out of your comfort zone is always daunting, so having a level-headed business advisor, who will encourage you to take on these challenges, will help you see that glorious, untapped potential. 

Allowing entrepreneurs to see opportunity instead of intimidation is a key skill in any business advisors’ armoury. 

3.) Receive honest, unabridged feedback 

One of the beautiful things about working with a business advisor is that they will never sugar-coat things. 

While many friends, family members or colleagues you work with might have ulterior motives or previously held beliefs about you or your business, an advisor will strip things down and tell it as it is – even if the feedback isn’t wholly positive. 

That constructive, objective voice within your business, from somebody who knows the game insight out and possesses no vested interest, will pay off massively.  

4.) Have someone there when you fail

Unfortunately, not every new project you undertake as an entrepreneur will be a roaring success. Living with this knowledge won’t soften the blow of any business-related mishaps, but perhaps a helping hand from someone with a bounce-back strategy will. 

Working with a business advisor will help you take these setbacks in your stride, and come out of the other end a more level-headed, resilient entrepreneur, leading to greater successes in the future.

5.) Widen your network 

The great thing about business advisors is that they know lots of people. 

Networking is crucial for all entrepreneurs, so taking full advantage of the numerous contacts your advisor likely possesses can lead to all sorts of goodness – be it extra advice, sought-after expertise or even investment. 

Eventually, that one introduction from an advisor could develop into a sprawling network of like-minded individuals, and who doesn’t want that? 

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31/05/22: While we want to help as much as we can, the information found here is provided solely for informational purposes and should not be considered financial or legal advice. To the extent permitted by law, Funding Circle does not accept any liability for any loss or damage which may arise directly or indirectly from the use of, or reliance on, the information contained here. If you have any questions, please speak to your professional adviser or seek independent legal advice.

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