How to have a terrifically traditional Christmas

Whether it’s December or June, small businesses are working harder than Santa’s elves all year round. To celebrate their achievements, we’re presenting our very own Christmas Carol, looking at the past, present and future of small businesses.

We kicked off with a Small Business Past, looking at the life of an entrepreneur up to the early 1900s. In today’s piece, we’ve got four fantastic Funding Circle borrowers to help you have a traditional Christmas, so you can celebrate like it’s 1900. They’ve all been able to take their business forward thanks to your lending.

traditional christmas

Sit by a roaring fire

Nothing is more cosy at Christmas time then nestling up by a roaring fire. If you want to give your front room the traditional touch, Aberdeen Fireplace Ltd can help you out. You can find traditional coal or wood burning stoves, as well as grates, ash pans and other accessories. You can also get a gas or electric number if you’d like a more modern feel. To upgrade their premises, they borrowed £27,000 in May 2014.

Get a goose for the family

Victorian families would traditionally have goose or roast beef on Christmas Day. Affluent households then began having turkey, which developed into the staple we enjoy today. Whether you’re entertaining a big group or there’s only a few of you this Christmas, The Wild Meat Company in Suffolk have an excellent range of products for you to serve from local farms. The meat specialist borrowed over £40,000 in September to finance a new labelling and scanning system to package their products. Just make sure you order before Sunday 10 December 2017!

traditional christmas

Eat by candlelight

Without electric lighting, families depended on candles to light their homes. Why not give your table a more atmospheric touch this year with a selection of candles from Northumbrian Candleworks. They have a range of candles and scents to suit any tastes, although probably best to stick to the house lights for cooking! Northumbrian Candleworks borrowed £5,300 in July 2017.

traditional christmas

Indulge in a proper Christmas pudding

Although there is some debate, recipes for the Christmas pudding go back to the 17th century. Enjoyed by royals and working folk alike, its popularity led it to become a symbol of unity across the British Empire. To get your perfect pud, head to Georgie Porgie’s Puddings, an award-winning pudding shop in Devon. From sponges to seasonal specials, everything is handmade with local ingredients. Georgie Porgie borrowed £46,350 in May 2017 to expand their premises and improve business year round.


Rob McCorquodale