A Modern Christmas: Festive experiences to enjoy this year

Don’t be a scrooge this Christmas! Local businesses are working harder than Santa Claus and his elves to make sure you make the most of the festive season. From the butchers and the florists, to the bakers and wine merchants, the business owners below know exactly what you need to have jolly and joyful Christmas experiences this year.  

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

No one knows the exact year that the first Christmas tree was brought into someone’s home, but it is estimated to be around 1510 AD – and the tradition carries on today in many countries across the world. Wreaths have also grown in popularity and decorating them can make for a festive and fun activity. Dried oranges, cranberries, ribbon and pinecones are just a handful of the items you can use. Pick yours up from Rocket Gardens, a DIY gardening company in Cornwall, who even supply handmade edible wreaths made from bay leaves, rosemary and chillies! Rocket Gardens were able to scale up their business after borrowing across three loans since July 2016.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

If you’re keen to get out of England and have a proper adventure this year, then you’re in luck! Incredible ski locations are just a short flight away, in countries such as Austria, Norway and France. Snowflakes falling, picturesque chalets, brightly decorated streets… Whether you’re here for the kids or on a nice getaway with friends, being in the mountains is the perfect festive break. Need the gear? Finches Emporium, a family-run sports store, will have everything you need to make sure you’re prepared for your snowy getaway. To support an advertising campaign, the Finches team borrowed through Funding Circle in May 2014.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Are you with the little ones this year? Then we suggest going to wander through a magical winter wonderland on your way to visit Santa’s Grotto at Bellflower Garden Centre, based in the heart of Suffolk. His elves have been working hard over the past few weeks getting everything ready to make sure it’s a truly special experience for everyone. In order to renovate some parts of the premises and purchase a new van for deliveries, Bellflower Garden Centre borrowed finance from 218 Funding Circle investors in November 2017.

All I want for Christmas is mulled wine

What better way to relax after a hearty meal than to have a nice warming cup of mulled wine? We’re not talking about the bottled stuff either… the best way to enjoy it is to make your own. All you need is a nice bottle of red, sugar, a cinnamon stick, nutmeg and a fresh orange – easy peasy. For a great selection of wines, check out Talking Wines, based in Cirencester, who source outstanding wines from passionate producers across the world. In order to increase stock, Talking Wines borrowed through Funding Circle in July 2013. Festive tip: make sure to have the Christmas tunes turned up and a cosy fire lit to create a truly joyful atmosphere.

Sugarplums and sweets

Since we’ve already got you in the kitchen, why not whip up some homemade gingerbread men as well? Making these gingery treats is the perfect activity to share with the whole family. They’re easy to make, have minimal ingredients and taste just like Christmas! We all know that a gingerbread man isn’t complete without gumdrop buttons, so before you get started, take a trip to Fanny Adams Sweet Shop in Kingswinford and you’ll find just what you need and more. To help open a new shop and hire more staff, the fantastic sweets shop borrowed through Funding Circle in December last year.

Happiness and all the trimmings

And finally, one of the finest holiday traditions has to be enjoying a delicious dinner in the company of all of your loved ones. Can this meal be complete without turkey? We don’t think so. Allington Farm Shop, a family-run farm shop and café based in Wiltshire, sells locally sourced and free range turkeys that are sure to be a winner with your guests. But don’t forget to prepare some mashed potatoes, seasonal garden veg, bread pudding and cranberry sauce before you dig in! To help expand their butchery, Allington Farm Shop borrowed from 618 investors in May 2014.

Kendra Bruckner