British Business Bank lends further £40m to small businesses

The government-owned British Business Bank will today begin lending a further £40 million directly to small businesses through the Funding Circle platform. This follows an initial £40 million investment by the British Business Bank in 2014, and a £20 million investment made by the UK government in 2013 through the Business Finance Partnership.

The British Business Bank aims to support economic growth by increasing choice of finance for small and medium sized businesses. Over 10,000 businesses have benefited from the combined £60 million in lending to date, supporting the creation of an estimated 30,000 jobs*. Since March 2013 over £5 million in interest, after fees and bad debt, has been earned on behalf of the UK taxpayer.

Before we launched in 2010, small businesses were reliant on a small number of high street banks for finance. Over the past six years, a diverse range of investors have for the first time been able to lend directly to these businesses.

The British Business Bank is lending alongside 55,000 people, local councils, financial institutions and the European Investment Bank. To date, you have lent over £1.7 billion to more than 18,000 UK small businesses, providing a £2.7 billion boost to the UK economy.* This new commitment is recognition of the success of the programme to date, and the role investors lending through Funding Circle are playing in supporting the backbone of the British economy.

How will the British Business Bank lend on the platform?

The British Business Bank will continue to lend directly through the partial loan marketplace to UK businesses that meet their lending criteria. The bank will lend on the same terms as other investors in the loan.

Over the past few months you have lent to a record-breaking number of small businesses, with over £300 million lent in the last quarter of 2016. We expect 2017 to be another year of growth, with significantly more lending opportunities for investors than in previous years. To help meet this demand, the British Business Bank will increase the proportion they lend to each eligible business from 10% to 20% ‒ similar to when the UK government first began lending through Funding Circle through the Business Finance Partnership. This will allow more loans to be listed to the partial loan marketplace, resulting in a wider range of businesses for you to lend to and to diversify across.

The proportion the British Business Bank lends on each eligible loan may change in future, however it will not exceed 20% of any one loan. You can read more about the British Business Bank’s involvement in our FAQs.

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Enjoy lending,

The Funding Circle team

* Source: ‘Small Business, Big Impact’ research, Cebr, 2016

Jack Pritchett

Senior Communications Manager