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Funding Circle launched in 2010 because of two key problems: (1) businesses were struggling to access finance, and (2) people were getting a poor return on their money.

The answer seemed simple: why not make it possible for people to earn a return on their money by directly lending it to businesses looking for funding?

Now, thousands of individuals and some private organisations, local councils, universities and even the Government are working with Funding Circle to lend money to UK businesses.
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Who is behind Funding Circle?

Starting with 3 co-founders in 2010, over 100 people have since joined the team at Funding Circle.

Funding Circle has grown with the backing of prominent venture capitalists, including Index Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Accel Partners, together with prominent British entrepreneurs Charles Dunstone, Ed Wray and Jon Moulton.

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What the press say about Funding Circle

Financial Times: Non-bank lending on rise for UK SMEs (11 April)

The British government has thrown its weight behind non-bank lending in an attempt to improve a stagnant market. Peer-to-peer lending is a relatively new concept in the UK that allows individuals – from students to wealthy private investors and hedge funds – to lend to each other and to small businesses. It aims to provide better returns for lenders than from a bank deposit account while offering easier access to credit for borrowers. It is a small sector – only £100m-£200m a year changes hands on these websites – but is growing rapidly. Examples include Funding Circle.

The Sunday Times: Tech gurus pump cash into loans site

Two of the world’s biggest technology investors have backed a £10m fundraising by Funding Circle, a website that allows small firms to lend to one another. Union Square Ventures, which backed Twitter and the online games giant Zynga, has invested in the firm for the first time. Index Ventures, the Swiss-British fund that has backed more than 100 internet start-ups including Skype and online retailer Asos, has piled in more cash. More than 10,000 people have signed up to the platform, where businesses can borrow between £5,000 and £500,000 over one, three or five years.

Meet businesses already borrowing through Funding Circle

Screenshot of Tom Williams of Ark Consultants, a borrower on Funding Circle, talking

This isn't just one person saying they believe in me, this is a whole group of people that think this is a good idea.

Tom Williams, Ark Consultants

Managing Director, Funding Circle borrower