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Support small businesses this Christmas

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Support small businesses this Christmas

Updated: 6 August 2020

The rest of the world might not know it, but Christmas is a time to act like a small business. It’s a time for community, for values, for focusing on the things you really care about. It’s about taking stock of the year gone by and making new plans for the year ahead. Underneath the tinsel and lights, it’s a celebration of small business life.

So, this Christmas, why not look to small businesses for your festive needs? People who serve their communities, treat their customers like friends and their employees like family. If you need some inspiration, here’s some tips for supporting small businesses this year. 

Shopping online? Big sites can still support the little guys

Did you know that 58% of sales on Amazon are through their marketplace? That’s about $160 billion worth going to small businesses across the world. If Amazon is your go-to shopping site, check out the seller profile for your items to see if they’re a 3rd party. If they are, chances are they’re a small business. 

Other major sites such as Etsy and Ebay also work by bringing together a lot of small businesses into one place. So there’s plenty of options for easy online browsing that still support small. 

Get fresh produce from farmer’s markets

Aside from presents, stuffing your family and friends with as much food and drinks as possible is another great Christmas tradition. It stacks up as one of the biggest spending areas too. This year, instead of giving all that cash to Tesco or Sainsbury’s, go check out your nearest farmer’s market. Not only will you be supporting small business, but the fresh, flavoursome produce can help take your Christmas cooking to the next level. 

If there’s no markets nearby, try your local butchers, bakers and grocers to get the best ingredients for your festive feast. 

Get inspiration on social media 

Finding the perfect present can get harder each year. If you want something unique, well-made and full of personality, small businesses are the way to go. The right business might not be nearby, so get on social media and start looking for the best around. Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, businesses like to showcase their wares, and they’ll use hashtags to mark them. Start searching and see what hidden gems you can find.

Share the love

Already know a small business you love? Spread the word! Word of mouth is hugely important for any business, so tell your friends, write them a review online or take a snap and put it on social media. Most importantly, go in and tell them in person! Christmas is a time for giving back, and they’ll love your feedback at this busy time of year.  

Take part in Small Business Saturday 

Now in its 7th year, Small Business Saturday comes to the UK on December 7th. Head to their website to look up local businesses in your area. Pick your favourites, head down to check them out and you could come away with your Christmas needs all covered – all by supporting small businesses!

Small businesses thrive with finance. Give them your support while earning for your future by adding funds to your account

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