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Brandscape: the cryptic puzzle from Funding Circle

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Brandscape: the cryptic puzzle from Funding Circle

Updated: 7 August 2020

Ready for a challenge?

In the landscape below you will find cryptic clues for 60 globally recognised brands and companies. To become a Brandscape GrandMaster, all you have to do is guess what they are.

Some clues are really very simple – can you see the apple? Some however, are extremely hard. If you get stuck you can tweet us @FundingCircleUK and we’ll try to give you a helping hand.

brandscape image

How to play Brandscape

1.Go to

2.Click “play the game”

3.Use your mouse to find each clue

4.Click on a clue and take your guess

Using your mobile?

controls brandscape

Use the white controls in the top right to zoom in and move around on your phone. Tap the image to find your clues.

Saving your progress is easy

Save your progress by logging into Facebook, which will also allow you to complete the game on different devices.

We hope you enjoy it – ready, set, play!

The Funding Circle team

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