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3 ideas to help your business grow

Updated: Oct 31, 2013

We’re committed to helping British businesses grow so we’ve asked one of our great business owners for her ideas on how to run one successfully. We visited Michelle Partington, of Lakeland Picnic in the Lake District and captured her thoughts in this video.

Michelle setup Lakeland Picnic in 2007 as she wanted to make and sell delicious hot food at events and shows in the North West. The team manufactures burgers and sausages at Holme Mills farm in the Lake District and sells them at street stalls across the country.

Her 3 tips are:

Tip 1: Support your team in their strengths and encourage learning.

Tip 2: Have a network of people who you can rely on for advice.

Tip 3: Don’t just plan it. Go fot it!

Watch the video for more detail on each tip.

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