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Industry insights: 90 seconds with an expert

Industry Insights

Industry insights: 90 seconds with an expert

Updated: Jan 27, 2017

No one knows more about the day to day running of a business than the Funding Circle borrower community, so each month we ask an industry expert to share their expertise.

Industry insights (4) The motorcycle industry

Recently we spoke to Candy from Suffolk Canine Creche, to hear her views on how to build and run an award-winning accommodation facility for fun-loving dogs. This month, we caught up with Andy, founder and owner of Teasdale Motorcycles, to get his advice on how to run a very successful ‘one-stop shop’ for motorcycle enthusiasts. Since 2012, Teasdale have borrowed £167,000 from thousands of investors through Funding Circle, helping them to move to larger premises, hire new staff and boost their online business!

Teasdale motors

Find out more about Andy’s thriving motorcycle retailer in this short video.

Teasdale Motorcycles was set up by Andy Walker in 2002 when he decided to turn his love for motorcycles into a career. Since then, Teasdale Motorcycles has flourished and established itself as one of the North East’s largest motorcycle dealerships. They currently hold the franchise for Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Norton and KTM Street Motorcycles. Teasdale Motorcycles moved to a larger freehold premises in 2012, and are currently midway through a total redevelopment of their site on Long Street, Thirsk – upsizing by two-thirds of its original size.

Watch our short video to find out more about the motorcycle industry:

Andy’s three insights for managing a motorbike shop are:

  • Be a one-stop shop for bike lovers: offer a range of products and services so your customers can rely on you for whatever their needs require
  • Be flexible: Consumer’s needs are constantly changing, so be prepared to adapt in order to keep up with customer demand
  • Be a strong ambassador for your franchises: When working with big brands, try and operate the partnership in a way that benefits both parties – that way, you benefit from great products and they benefit from your exposure

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