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How your business can use the brand new FlexiPay business credit card

Business Finance

How your business can use the brand new FlexiPay business credit card

Updated: 30 October 2023

We’ve recently launched FlexiPay, a rolling line of credit designed to give small businesses more flexibility with their finances. Now, FlexiPay also comes with a brand new business credit card, so you can spread the cost of almost any business payment you’d normally make with your credit card over 3 months with 0% interest, just a simple flat fee per transaction.

Thousands of businesses are already using FlexiPay. Here’s just some of the ways you can use FlexiPay to boost your business cash flow. 

Pay rent, VAT or energy bills 

By offering transfers as well as a card, FlexiPay offers more flexibility than a traditional business credit card – meaning you can spread the cost of bills such as rent, energy and even HMRC bills into 3 equal monthly instalments. 

Make everyday purchases online and in-store 

From train tickets to team lunches, your FlexiPay card allows you to pay for your everyday expenses as well as bills, supplier invoices and big ticket items. The card is a VISA, so you can use it online, in store, and for recurring payments. Plus, you can use your card abroad for international payments, meaning you can make business payments anytime, anywhere. 

Card transactions are then grouped together in a monthly balance and repaid over 3 months for a flat fee, helping to streamline your payments and stay on top of cash flow. 

Pay unexpected invoices or suppliers on time when an incoming payment is delayed

If an incoming payment is late but you’ve got an invoice to pay, FlexiPay can help you keep a good reputation. Use it to make the payment that’s due upfront, and then repay over the following 3 months when you’ve received the money you’re owed – helping you avoid cash flow gaps and any difficulties with your suppliers. 

Bulk buy or pay upfront to negotiate better terms 

By using your card to pay upfront or buy stock in bulk, you could also negotiate better terms with your suppliers, helping to reduce your costs. Our customer Vik, who owns 8 Rocks deli and wine, used his line of credit to do just that, telling us: “We sell over 120 different wines, so FlexiPay means I can buy in bulk and buy more for less, as I have been able to negotiate discounts of up to 10% on wholesale prices.

“The other problem is when you buy that many bottles, you can’t move them as quickly so it becomes stock on hold. But FlexiPay allows me to pay over three months, and we can definitely move that stock in that time so there’s much less pressure on cash flow.” You can hear more of his story here. 

Have it on hand just in case you need it

You can use FlexiPay as much or as little as you like and you only pay when you use it, so you’re not tied into a long-term commitment. As there’s no annual charges or set-up fees either, it’s totally free to keep on hand for whenever your cash flow feels squeezed. 

If it sounds like FlexiPay could help your business, you can find out more and check your eligibility in just 30 seconds here. 

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