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Watchdog to toughen rules on crowdfunding

The big news last month was the regulator’s interim response to their review of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending regulation. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) focused on the diversity of peer-to-peer lending models within the sector now compared to a few years ago, and plan to take a more nuanced view of the industry as they develop future regulation. This is welcome news; as the industry grows and evolves, it’s right that it is regulated accordingly and in the best interests of customers.

These are 2016’s top 100 influential leaders in Fintech

Elsewhere, City AM featured Hot Topics’ top 100 Fintech influential leaders list for 2016, with a vast array of impressive individuals from a number of different types of Fintech companies. This includes mobile banking, insurtech, cloud accounting and of course, peer-to-peer lending! Funding Circle’s very own co-founder and CEO Samir Desai features in the list alongside a number of his Fintech founder counterparts.

Peer-to-peer lending: what can it offer SMEs?

The Daily Telegraph took a deep dive into the benefits of peer-to-peer lending for small businesses, featuring a Cornish case study whose farmhouse dreams were made a reality thanks to a peer-to-peer lending platform. Coombeshead Farm struggled to access finance through traditional routes but found that borrowing through a direct lending platform was much easier. A small business expert suggests that “the beauty of alternative finance is the speed and efficiency.” You can read all about a number of Funding Circle success stories on our business case study page here.

Compare P2P lending: The easy way to search for potentially higher returns

Moving on to the benefits for potential investors – the Daily Mail teamed up with Fundshare to create a comparison tool for budding lenders. You can adjust your preferences and see which platforms best suit your interests, with information on minimum and maximum investment, security, loan duration and returns. The article also includes a list of the pros and cons of lending through a platform like Funding Circle, which is useful reading for anyone new to the sector.

FT City Network transcript: The markets and a Trump presidency

And finally, Samir Desai made an appearance in the Financial Times’ City Network transcript giving his thoughts on the impact of Donald Trump’s victory on the financial sector and society more generally. He believes that if financial services firms do benefit from the result – it must not be at the expense of consumers, small businesses and communities alike.

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