Key Facts

Please note, these statistics are correct as of 31 March 2019.

  • In the UK:
  • £5 billion of loans originated
  • 49,000 businesses have borrowed across 71,000 loans
  • Unlocked 45,000 jobs in 2017*
  • Investors include 81,000 people, the government-owned British Business Bank, local councils, financial institutions and the European Investment Bank
  • Globally:
  • Funding Circle has operations in the UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands
  • Funding Circle launched in the US in October 2013, and Continental Europe in October 2015
  • Globally, investors have lent more than £7 billion to 68,000 businesses





*The Economic Impact of Lending Through Funding Circle‘; research commissioned by Funding Circle from the Oxford Economics 

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