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5 things to consider before applying for financing

…before applying for financing: 1. Have a business plan Not all lenders require a formal plan, but it is important to demonstrate knowledge of your industry, articulate that you are…

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3 ways your accounting firm can woo millennials

…efficiency, transparency and high returns that go hand-in-hand with emerging services in the space. If you’re eager to offer clients strategic advice about new financing options, consider partnering with a…


Victory Park Capital extends partnership

…added: “We’re pleased to be welcoming additional new financing to the marketplace, which will further support small businesses. Today’s news is a significant step on our journey to creating the…


3 small business financing lessons by Nerdwallet

…and fair financing! Read more about their small business success story over at Nerdwallet, including some advice from Sam Hodges, our co-founder. Hodges offers three main tips for small business owners…

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How to become an iconic brand like Kraft Heinz

What are the two most iconic brands in the American “lunchbox” industry today? If you immediately sighed nostalgically about Kraft and Heinz, you’re not alone. And if you’ve ever…


3 reasons to invest in Main Street businesses

It’s no secret that a major lending gap has left millions of American small business owners without access to the financing they need to grow, invest in their futures and…


5 ways we differ from other business lenders

Business financing is always changing, but our values remain the same….


Grow your nest egg with peer-to-peer investing

…directly helping great small businesses, students and other people in the community access fair and transparent financing. For entrepreneurs, there are also tax benefits of holding P2P loans in an…


Why marketplace lending is good for small business

…for example, funding inventory purchases – such short-term and high-rate products can also lead small businesses to use short-term financing to cover longer-term funding needs.  These two attributes – short…


Solé Bicycles races past global competition

…bikes to last through summer – and we always run out. It’s challenging to manage our cash flow to meet demand.” The solution? An affordable round of financing to meet…

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