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Company News + Investor

Your ultimate small business gift guide

Support entrepreneurs with these one-of-a-kind holiday gifts.

Partner + Small Business

Shhh! 3 secret perks of small business loan debt

Debt is just like any other business tool: a way to grow faster.

Partner + Small Business

3 key components of a business loan

It's time to learn your loan lingo!

Partner + Small Business

7 steps to hiring helpful seasonal employees

Learn how to build the team you’ll need to survive the holiday rush.

Partner + Small Business

6 steps to nailing your holiday inventory

Full shelves equal full pockets for your business. Here’s how.

Company News + Partner

Funding Circle teams up with H&R Block

Through our marketplace, H&R Block clients can now access term loans up to

Partner + Small Business

3 ways to boost employee happiness

Fun fact: Happy employees are about 30 percent more productive!

Partner + Small Business

What you need for your business loan application

Forget the piles of paperwork at the bank. Here's what you'll need.

Partner + Small Business

4 reasons to refinance your business debt

Expensive short-term financing (like credit cards) isn’t a long-term plan.

Partner + Small Business

5 Cs of credit business owners should know

From cash flow to Yelp reviews, here’s what lenders actually look for.

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