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Company News + Investor

Our commitment to information security

We take the privacy & information security of our customers very seriously.

Partner + Small Business

What business lenders actually care about

See how lenders determine if your business is "worthy" of a loan.

Partner + Small Business

4 tips to take your email from dead to read

Email marketing strategy that doesn't require technical know-how.

Partner + Small Business

Verification Document Checklist [PDF]

The final steps to funding and investing in your business' growth.

Partner + Small Business

4 perks of hiring a new college grad

As recent grads flood the market, it's time to reflect on your talent pool.


Characteristics of credit cheat sheet [PDF]

Download the list of factors that impact your clients' creditworthiness.


How we determine “creditworthiness”

Read between the lines and focus on deals that meet our credit criteria.


How to talk with your clients about Funding Circle

If you only had 10 seconds to close a deal, what would you say?

Partner + Small Business

How Dr. Hatt saved her clinic $4,000 a month

Finding financing for her veterinary clinic was no walk in the dog park.

Company News + Partner

Funding Circle partners with Department of

Funding Circle helps minority businesses navigate the evolving credit sector.

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