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Funding Circle surpasses $10 billion lent to

Investors have lent more than $10 billion to small businesses globally.

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Decade after financial crisis, American small

A new report published today by Oxford Economics found that a decade after

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Funding Circle US Small Business Loan Portfolio

Investors have lent more than $2 billion to small businesses in the US.

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Funding Circle partners with Stripe to help small

Stripe users can now import their data directly and securely to apply for a

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Funding Circle is revolutionizing a broken system

Learn how Funding Circle is building a better financial world.

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Chief Risk Officer’s Update – December 2018

Chief Risk Officer Jerome LeLuel provides his view of what has been happening

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Funding Circle survey reveals that despite

3 in 4 Amazon Prime members are still making the effort to support small

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Funding Circle and Alcentra announce strategic

The strategic partnership will support the growth of U.S. small businesses.

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Stress testing at Funding Circle

Stress testing is an integral part of risk management.

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INTRUST Bank and Funding Circle expand

The strategic partnership supports the growth of US small businesses.

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