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Funding Circle Securities, LLC (“Funding Circle Securities”), member FINRA/SIPC, is owned and operated by Funding Circle USA, Inc. All securities related activities are conducted through Funding Circle Securities. Funding Circle Securities only offers investment products and securities of its affiliates, and such products and securities are not publicly traded and may be subject to holding period requirements. Securities offered through Funding Circle Securities are only suitable for Accredited Investors, as defined by Rule 501 of the Securities Act of 1933, who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk associated with private investments. Investing in private placements requires high-risk tolerance, low liquidity concerns and long-term commitments. Investors must be able to afford to lose their entire investment. Carefully consider the investment objectives, risk, charges and expenses of any investment product prior to investing.

No communication, through this website or in any other medium, should be construed as a recommendation for any security offering. This website provides general and preliminary information about securities offered through Funding Circle Securities and is intended for initial reference purposes only. It is not a summary or compilation of all applicable information and is not complete. This website does not constitute an offer to sell or buy any Funding Circle Securities. There shall be no offer or sale of any securities without the delivery of confidential offering materials (the “Offering Materials”) and related documents. This information contained herein is qualified by and subject to more detailed information in the Offering Materials.

1 Businesses listed on the marketplace have been in operation for a minimum of two years (with the exception of franchisee startups with a franchisor guarantee), have generated revenue in each of the last two calendar years and have met Funding Circle USA’s minimum credit criteria.

2 Notes are issued by the Funding Circle Notes Program, LLC (“Funding Circle Notes Program”) and are promissory notes that are dependent for payment on payments that the Funding Circle Notes Program receives from business loans originated by an affiliate of the Funding Circle Notes Program.