P2PFA Performance data

What is the P2PFA?

Funding Circle is a founding member of The Peer-to-Peer Finance Association (P2PFA), a representative body for lending platforms like Funding Circle. The P2PFA was established in 2011 to promote high standards of business conduct among its members.

P2PFA Performance data

All members of the Peer-to-Peer Finance Association provide statistics showing figures on the performance of loans. Data updated quarterly; correct as of 31st March 2018.

Amount lent(£)£49,239,620£129,217,080£278,573,020£530,585,160£823,189,665£1,263,513,738£354,704,761
Gross interest rate9.2%8.4%9.9%9.5%9.4%9.6%9.9%
Projected annual return at origination6.3%5.3%7.1%7.1%7.1%7.1%7.0%
Updated projected annual return7.1%5.7%7.2%6.8%6.4%6.7%7.0%
Actual annual return to date (after fees and bad debt, before expected recoveries)7.1%5.6%6.6%6.0%5.3%7.1%9.3%
Arrears more than 45 days0.1%0.1%0.2%0.4%1.4%1.1%0.0%
Estimated lifetime bad debt rate at origination4.2%4.6%4.4%3.6%3.5%3.8%4.1%
Updated estimated lifetime bad debt rate2.2%3.5%3.4%3.2%3.7%3.9%4.1%
Actual lifetime bad debt rate2.3%3.6%4.2%4.0%4.2%1.1%0.0%
Principal repaid100.0%98.0%91.0%81.0%60.0%23.0%2.0%
Average age of loans in months424437271881

Your capital is at risk

It is important to remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance, and your capital is at risk when lending to businesses. Actual returns may be higher or lower than estimated.

The statistics provided on this page have been standardised for use by all members of the P2PFA. Some metrics are presented in a different format to what can be seen on our statistics page.