Enjoy tax-free returns with an ISA 1

Earn a projected return of 4.5-6.5% per year 2

Tax Free Earnings
  • Annual allowance of £20,000 this tax year
  • Allowance can be split across all ISA types
  • Transfer ISAs from previous tax years
  • Available to individual investors only

By lending to businesses your capital is at risk

Used your ISA allowance already? Or lending as a business? You can open a Classic Account.

  1. The tax-free entitlement of an ISA depends on the individual circumstances of each investor, and may be subject to change in the future.
  2. The rates shown are the annual projected returns, after fees and bad debts, that a diversified investor could earn with the Balanced lending option. Your actual return may be higher or lower than projected, for example due to the performance of the individual loans your funds are matched with, or a change in macroeconomic conditions. By lending to businesses your capital is at risk. See the full calculation here.
  3. Interest earned is after fees and bad debt, but before tax.