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Earn for your future by lending to businesses. Open an account today to share £100 in Amazon.co.uk Gift Cards* with Simon. By lending to businesses your capital is at risk.

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Capital at risk. Your actual return may be higher or lower and capital is at risk. Not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

How to get your gift cards

  1. Open an account in minutes using the link on this page
  2. Transfer in £2,000 or more and start lending by the end of December 2021
  3. Keep your funds active throughout January 2022. We'll then send a £50 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card* to both you and Simon

You can also choose to transfer an ISA balance from another provider. You just need to submit your transfer form by the end of December 2021. Terms and conditions apply

*Restrictions apply, see www.amazon.co.uk/gc-legal

90,000 investors have lent £6.2 billion through Funding Circle, earning £329 million in interest 2

£6.2 billion

Lent to UK businesses since 2010

A simple way to earn for your future

At Funding Circle you lend directly to established small British businesses. They get the funds they need to grow, and you can earn attractive returns as they pay you back each month.

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  • Lend to 100s of UK businesses
  • Choose different lending options
  • Earn tax-free returns with our ISA 3
  • No fees to access your money
  • Lend easily with automatic tools
  • Projected return includes 1% annual fee

  1. The rates shown are the annual projected returns, after fees and bad debts but before tax, that a diversified investor could earn with the Balanced lending option. Your actual return may be higher or lower than projected, for example due to the performance of the individual loans your funds are matched with, or a change in macroeconomic conditions. By lending to businesses your capital is at risk. See the full calculation here.
  2. Interest earned is after fees and bad debt, but before tax.
  3. The tax-free entitlement of an ISA depends on the individual circumstances of each investor, and may be subject to change in the future.
The Telegraph
Funding Circle has been the most lucrative [peer-to-peer platform]. Since I joined in August 2012, drip feeding cash in, my returns, after all fees and bad debt adjustment, have been 6.2pc.
Martin Lewis, writing in The Daily Telegraph, 2013