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Revolutionizing a broken system

When Funding Circle was founded, we could see that businesses weren’t being given the finance to grow, while investors were making poor returns. We had a simple idea — let them support each other.

By lending directly to businesses through Funding Circle, investors can now earn attractive returns to better provide for their future. Businesses get fast, easy access to funding to grow, create jobs, support local communities and drive the economy forward. We believe it’s better for everyone.

Read how we’re driving the economy forward in our impact report.

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When small businesses succeed, everyone benefits. In 2017, small businesses used their loans to create and sustain 115,000 jobs globally.

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$12.19 billion
Lent to businesses globally
(in CAD)

How it works

We connect creditworthy businesses looking for finance with organisations with money to lend. Our platform is more efficient and transparent than traditional lending, and we believe it’s a better system for everyone.


Institutional investors lend to hundreds of business looking to borrow through the Funding Circle platform.

Funding Circle

We review applications and approve creditworthy businesses. We then pay out their loans and process repayments for investors.


Businesses make fixed monthly repayments with interest, which we distribute to all the investors who lent to them.

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We Believe In Those Made To Do More

Business owners and investors share a common thread. They’re forward thinkers. They’re determined. They stand up to make a difference and work hard to make it happen.

That same thread runs through everyone at Funding Circle. It’s a shared mission that inspires us – we help you as you change the world.

So whether you’re a business owner who aspires to more, or an investor who wants your money to go further, we believe in you. You’re the ones we built Funding Circle for.

We’ve helped 68,000 small businesses across the world

From accountants and jewelers to bakers and film makers, we’ve helped thousands of businesses in the U.S., the U.K., Germany and the Netherlands to take their next step forward.

Dr. Celina Hatt borrowed $80,000 to open a second veterinary center.

Andy Walker from Teasdale Motorcycles has borrowed £167,000 for over 4 different business loans, adding 10 new staff and tripling his turnover.

We’re here to help you thrive

With a quick application, dedicated account manager and fast decision, you can stay focused on your business while we focus on your loan. Taking your business to the next level has never been easier.

The world’s leading platform for small business lending

Funding Circle is one of the best-capitalized lending platforms in the world and listed on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: FCH) in October 2018. We have raised approximately $700 million since 2010 from some of the largest and most sophisticated investors around.

Our backers collectively manage over $5 trillion and are the leading firms behind Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Betfair.

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Funding Circle’s focus on simple products, low prices and a rapid digital process seems to be paying dividends.
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