Looking forward to 2020 and what it means for our introducers

Since its formation in 2012, our broker channel and introducer panel has continued to be integral in our success. This community has supported £1.3 billion of lending over 15,000 loans through Funding Circle, helping numerous businesses and unlocking thousands of jobs as a result. In turn, our registered introducers have grown their businesses too. 

We recently announced the promotion of Jeremy Crinall to the Head of Broker. Since joining in 2014, Jeremy has worked as a Business Development Manager (BDM) and as Regional Manager for Southern England. He has worked closely with all the team in their respective sub regions and is looking forward to using his 13 years of experience in the financial industry to assist the growth and development of the team, their panel of introducers, and building on those relationships even further. 

Jeremy has big plans for 2020 and sees three key areas to focus on for the next stage of success:


Our team consider all our introducers as long term partners. We see them as relationships for life. We’re going to focus our efforts on improving the experience of all our introducers and their clients. We’re going to be focusing on optimising all touch points for our introducers and their clients and getting to know all our introducers on a greater level. This will enable our team to continue to go even further to provide them with the excellent service that they deserve.


Technology will continue to be a pivotal focus for us and the team as we turn into the new year. We’ll continue to strive  to provide best-in-class solutions and to provide our introducers with even quicker decisions. We’re planning on making a lot of improvements across the business, which will ultimately benefit the broker channel and in turn, the service we’re able to provide.


As our plans for lending continue to grow in 2020, we want to look to build the team and further invest in our people. We strive to recruit the best individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to ensure we can provide our introducers with an excellent service. We’ll also be looking to develop our existing team members. Both Business Development Executives and Business Development Managers receive continuous training and specialised courses, ensuring we have the right people in the right places. . 

2020 is going to be another amazing year for the entire introducer community and we want to remain at the heart of that at Funding Circle. We’re looking forward to the future and working with our introducers as we move towards 2020. We recognise the importance you will play as we continue to build a better financial world.

Loan Purposes we can help with

At Funding Circle we want to help fund all of your clients’ business needs. Every business has unique requirements and will be at different stages in their journey, so our loans can be used for a huge variety of needs.  Some of the most popular include:

Working capital – Working capital is the lifeblood of any business. Healthy cash flow allows business owners to pursue new opportunities and win more business. It saves them time, gives them greater peace of mind, and the breathing space to make the best long term decisions for them.

Refurbishment of premises – From office space to shop fronts, refurbishing business premises can be transformative. We can provide finance for refurbishment and spread the repayments over 5 years.

Hiring staff – The entire process of taking on extra staff can be costly and time consuming. Taking finance can allow  your clients to either outsource this process or conduct it in house. We’ve helped thousands of businesses for this very purpose. 

Buying new equipment/machinery – Equipment and key pieces of machinery can breakdown unexpectedly or become out of date. Often, this can be a significant outlay and cause delays in production. We can provide finance for business owners to purchase equipment and machinery. All our loans are unsecured (backed by a personal guarantee) so this means your client would own the equipment from the outset.

Deposits for property purchases – Business owners will often need full deposits before being able to apply for commercial mortgages. We can provide the funds for this, which means your clients can go to their bank, secure the full mortgage and then settle in full with us. They can repay in full with no early settlement or exit fees, making the process ideal for this scenario.

Stock purchases – Many of your clients will go through busier and quieter periods. It is important that they are prepared and can take advantage of busier times. We can help with providing finance for large stock purchases, which can provide your clients with peace of mind and often reduce overall costs.

Tax funding – Tax bills can creep up on business owners and often leave large unforseen dents in their cash flow. We can provide finance to cover the bill and spread cost out over up to 60 months. 

Funding a new project or product – For your clients, it is imperative that they stay commercially competitive and come up with new ideas to engage their current client base and attract new customers.

Refinancing existing debt – We also offer loans to refinance existing business debt. As long as the debt is registered under the business rather than anyone personally we can look to consolidate that into one repayment. This can often be easier to maintain and can reduce your monthly outgoings, assisting with cash flow.

What can’t we cover?

There are a few loan purposes that we are unable to help with: 

Refinancing of personal debt – We’re unable to provide finance for the consolidation of personal debt. Even if the debt was taken out for the purpose of benefiting the business, if it  is under a personal name we’ll be unable to help.

Onwards lending – We can’t help if the funds are going to be passed outside the business that has applied to either an individual or another business. The finance we provide must stay within the business and directly benefit the business is applying.

Speculative ventures that aren’t related to the core activity of the business – We’ll need to see how the loan purpose will benefit the business. It cannot deviate too far from the core activity of the business. For example, if your client owns a bakery but wants to expand into I.T. sales, this wouldn’t be something we could provide finance for.

Are you a looking for fast, affordable funding solution for your clients now?

Get in touch with our Partnerships Team at ukpartners@fundingcircle.com or give them a call on 0203 308 9708.

Meet the Partnerships Team

Funding Circle, the UK’s leading small business loans platform has recently expanded its partnerships team in order to provide even more support to our registered partners and their clients.

In 2018 the partnerships team helped facilitate £45 million worth of lending. As a result, they helped unlock 1,840 new jobs in UK communities and boost the UK economy by £110 million last year alone.

So who are the faces behind the magic? 

Dan Sinclair Taylor is the Head of Partnerships and looks after all strategic and referral partners in the UK. Dan studied at Oxford University before starting his career as a lawyer at a Magic Circle law firm where he practised banking and litigation for 5 years. He then moved into legal recruitment before joining Funding Circle in February 2015.

Jessie Northern is our Regional Partners Executive for the South East. She joined Funding Circle in the Investor Support Team in 2017, gaining invaluable experience and expert knowledge. She then moved into the Sales department as an Account Manager in the Partnerships team and then got promoted to Regional Partnerships Executive shortly after.

Craig Jackson is our Regional Partnerships Manager, looking after the South West region. He joined Funding Circle in March 2015 after heading up the Southern Region for Barclays in their start up division. Craig joined us to help launch the Partnerships team and has helped fund over £40m in 4 years.

Fran Warrington is our Regional Partnerships Manager, specialising in relationships in the South East. Fran is relatively new to Funding Circle but is making a big impact. She has already onboarded numerous partners since joining in December 2018. Fran has previously worked in commercial client facing roles including Google, Start-Up Direct and Gartner. 

Ed Butler is Regional Partnerships Manager, looking after the Midlands region. He works with a wide range of partners including accountants, business coaches and bank managers. Prior to joining Funding Circle in 2017, Ed worked as a Management Accountant in Industry for 9 years, before moving into financial recruitment where he spent 9 years placing Finance Directors and Controllers into businesses.

Silvia De Almeida is our Regional Partners Executive for the Midlands and South West regions. Prior to joining Funding Circle, Silvia worked in Business Development for a large UK hospitality brand, leading their international expansion. This allowed her to work in four different countries throughout her career, including Germany and China. 

James Kind is Regional Partnership Manager, covering the North of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Prior to joining Funding Circle in 2017, James worked at NatWest in SME banking for 6 years before leading their strategy for franchise businesses. He also obtained Chartered Banker Status, studying alongside his full-time role. James has helped facilitate over £18m of lending since joining.

Ellie Walker-Smith is one of our most recent recruits to the partnerships team in the North. Prior to Funding Circle she worked as an Account Manager at Wesleyan bank, specialising in asset finance and for a specialist finance brokerage based in Manchester. Ellie joined Funding Circle in 2019 as a Regional Partnerships Executive in the North.

Phil Thomas is our dedicated Inbound Partnerships Executive. Prior to starting at Funding Circle, Phil’s experience was heavily focused around sales and customer service with roles within retail and the sports industry. He started working at Funding Circle on the direct sales side in August 2018. Through this role he has helped new and existing borrowers with their enquiries. He took on his new role within the partnerships team earlier in the year, utilising all his skills and acting as the first point of contact for our new partners. 

Are you a looking for fast, affordable funding solution for your clients now?

Get in touch with our Partnerships Team at ukpartners@fundingcircle.com or give them a call on 0203 308 9708.

The impact of our introducer community

2018 was another incredible year at Funding Circle. For our customers, investors and all our registered introducers. As the banks continued to shy away from SME lending, Funding Circle provided the necessary support that small business owners needed to prosper. Through our platform, we helped our customers unlock 72,000 jobs and contribute over £4 billion to the UK economy.

Our introducer community and the relationships we have with them played an integral part in this. 2018 was a record breaking year for the broker team. Our introducers managed to lend £385 million through the Funding Circle platform, with over 8,700 loans outstanding at the end of the year. However, the figures go much further than this. As a result of the hard work of our broker community, they managed to help boost the UK economy by £1.2 billion and generate £288 million in taxes. 

What’s even more important is the effect this hard work has on real people. For every £1 million lent through the Funding Circle platform there are 37 new jobs unlocked. This means that in 2018 alone, our network of introducers helped to create and sustain 20,000 jobs in UK communities across the country. 

This is something that all our introducers should be proud of. You have made a huge contribution to the UK economy, given employment to thousands and helped the UK taxpayer, all as a result of introducing business through our platform.

At Funding Circle we recognise the importance SMEs play in the economy but we also recognise the importance of introducer relationships in reaching these fantastic achievements. We will continue to need your help as we get closer to our mission of building a better financial world. So from all of us at Funding Circle, we want to say thank you.

Are you a looking for fast, affordable funding solution for your clients now?

Get in touch with our dedicated Introducer team at introducer@fundingcircle.com or give them a call on 020 3667 2208.

Our Business Champion programme is a year old

Funding Circle Business Champion

At Funding Circle we’ve always valued our introducer community and the relationships we have with them. They are an integral part of our business and have played an important part in helping us get where we are today.

Now a year old, we created the Business Champion programme to give new opportunities and support to introducers who want to work closely with us. The programme is open to introducers of all shapes and sizes. We are looking for introducers that provide high quality business, show commitment to Funding Circle, provide great customer outcomes and are efficient to work with.

In return, we provide them with a unique offering that differs from anything else in the market. First and foremost, we provide a best-in-class service with faster decisions and personal support. By working closer together, we can help them say yes to more clients, more often.

What’s more, we also work with introducers to help grow their own business. By giving access to our marketing expertise and resources, we deliver campaigns and run analysis to attract and retain more clients.

Giving introducers the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential is at the heart of the Business Champion programme. Not only does it help us and our introducers, but benefits their clients and Funding Circle investors too.

2018 was an amazing year for our Business Champions, with record breaking quarters for lending and fantastic feedback on the new service. We’ve also continued to evolve the programme adding new benefits throughout the year.

Business Champions now receive:

  • Business Champion branding
  • £500,000 max loan size
  • Commission up to 6%
  • Funding Circle fees capped at 3%
  • Marketing support
  • Decision typically on the same day*

*When application is fully submitted with all documents before 1pm

Being a Business Champion is a mark of quality for introducers. It recognises their expertise and all the work they do to keep clients satisfied, as well as the quality of business they have provided to Funding Circle and investors.

We’re delighted with the success the programme has seen in its first year already, and we’ll keep forging stronger relationships that can help our introducers fly!

Are you a commercial finance broker looking for a fast, affordable funding solution for your clients?
Get in touch with our dedicated Introducer team at introducer@fundingcircle.com or give us a call on 020 3667 2208.


Behind the scenes: How the Funding Circle process works

We’re committed to helping established and creditworthy businesses, like your clients, access the finance they need to grow with business loans up to £350,000 unsecured, with a personal guarantee. Our loans are highly flexible and can be used for a wide range of business purposes, including buying stock, expansion, refurbishment and much more.

Since launching in 2010, we’ve helped more than 20,000 UK businesses access over £1.8 billion and over the last six years our team’s grown too. There’s now more than 350 staff in our London office, from legal to risk, payments to marketing and of course an extensive technology team.

To ensure your client gets a decision within two working days and receives the funds shortly after, our dedicated team, including nine Business Development Managers and five Account Managers, work with specialists from across the business.

In this short video, Business Development Manager James will take you on a tour of our office, show you what happens behind the scenes when you apply for a loan through Funding Circle and introduce you to some of the team:

To recap, once you’ve submitted an application online:

  • Your Account Manager will need 3 months business bank statements, the last set of full, filed accounts at Companies House and if these are over 16 months old we’ll need P&L and balance sheet information for the last financial year end.
  • Then, an Underwriting Assistant will carry out some initial credit checks and searches on the financial documents you’ve submitted.
  • Our Credit Assessment team will then look at whether the loan is affordable, if it makes sense and whether it fits our credit criteria.
  • Once the loan is approved, you’ll receive an email with the offer conditions and loan contract. Once the contract has been signed by a company director, scan it back to us along with:
    • A direct debit mandate
    • I.D. and proof of address documents for all guarantors
    • If it’s a Limited company, a personal guarantee
  • The team will then carry out a few final fraud checks, and once complete the loan will be listed at random either as a whole loan, where an institutional investor buys the entire loan, or as a partial loan where thousands of investors lend to your client. The funding process typically takes one to five working days.
  • Once the process is complete, your client will receive the funds within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the process or want to find out more, contact your Business Development Manager who’ll be happy to help.

Partner with Funding Circle

Our dedicated team work with hundreds of introducers, including commercial finance brokers, financial advisors, corporate partners and accountants. If you haven’t yet tried Funding Circle but have clients who are looking for fast, flexible finance, why not register now to check their eligibility or log back in to your account to start submitting more deals.


Grow your business with Funding Circle in 2017

The new year has arrived packed with possibilities, and we’re here to help kick-start your 2017. It’s going to be a record-breaking year! If your clients have big plans and want to get started right away, check their eligibility online in just 30 seconds.

2016 was a very exciting year as we helped more than 8,000 UK businesses access over £850 million, and saw 50% year on year growth in introduced businesses. You and other introducers are now helping your clients access tens of millions every month through Funding Circle, and we’re keen to grow that figure further in 2017.

Unsecured loans now up to £350,000 for a wide range of business purposes

We can help established and creditworthy businesses, including limited companies, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and non-limited companies, with at least 2 years of filed or formally prepared accounts access up to £350,000 unsecured, with a personal guarantee. These highly flexible loans can be used for a wide range of business purposes, from working capital to expansion capital, asset purchase and much more.

Get in touch with your Business Development Manager to find out more or get an instant quote for your client online today. Please note if you introduce businesses to Funding Circle and are also an active investor you must use the Autobid tool to lend your money.

What does fintech really mean? A quick look back at 2016

In this short video, find out how bringing together the very best of finance and technology is helping small businesses power the UK economy, hear personal highlights from members of the team and particularly why 2017 is set to be an exceptional year:

Partner with Funding Circle

Our dedicated team work with hundreds of introducers, including commercial finance brokers, financial advisors, corporate partners and accountants. If you haven’t yet tried Funding Circle but have clients who are looking for fast, flexible finance, why not register now to check their eligibility or log back in to your account to start submitting more deals.

Simon helped his client expand quickly with Funding Circle

Efficient business finance

Simon Clarke, Director at Claratus Commercial Finance, joined the Funding Circle introducer family in September 2015. He told us, ‘Flexibility and speed of response make Funding Circle a valuable part of our funding panel. Their approach to doing business is transparent, efficient and effective.’


Simon was able to help his client move quickly

Late last year, Simon was asked by Finch House, an award-winning and established cafe and fine food store in Tonbridge, to arrange a finance facility which would cover the cost of fitting out their new cafe in Orpington, Kent. The team at Finch House had spent many months identifying the best site and when one became available on the high street, speed was of the essence.

To fit out the new shop, including catering equipment, furniture and air conditioning, Finch House borrowed £125,000 back in December 2015. Since completing the new cafe, Finch House has gone from strength to strength and were recently recognised as the number one hospitality and catering business at Orpington’s Finest Awards.

In this short video meet Simon, hear his experience of working with Funding Circle and why providing clear upfront pricing is so important:

Find out how we might be able to help your clients access fast and flexible finance by calling our dedicated Business Development team on 020 3667 2208 or send us an email.

Find out how introducer David Collins helped a car sales business owner turn his vision of being debt free with a great work life balance into reality

David Collins joined the Funding Circle introducer family three years ago and helps businesses access the finance they need to prosper and succeed. In 2015 he helped one of his clients, Broomhill Motors, an established car sales business in Devon, get funding through the Funding Circle marketplace to hire additional staff.

Owned by Graham Bonning, Broomhill Motors have been trading successfully for 15 years and has a built an admirable reputation specialising in trading Mercedes cars. The business has grown organically from retained profits and various sources of finance, however, in 2015, Graham took a necessary step back from the business to create a long term vision: “Being debt free with a great work life balance”.

Being a ‘one man band’ business, Graham had little time away from running a company 7 days a week. However, with help from introducer David Collins, Graham was able to secure a Funding Circle loan in just 3 days which allowed him to hire a part-time employee and finally have the time to enjoy quality time away from work. It also helped in reducing the cost of his car stock finance.

Graham said “I worked with David for a year and found him very helpful in giving me focus and targets regarding my business, as well as my personal finances. Even though I have been in business for 15 years it’s always helpful for someone to look at it from a different point of view”.

Broomhill Motors’ vision has been turned into a reality, thanks to Funding Circle introducer David.

Are you an introducer with clients in need of fast and flexible finance through Funding Circle? Cast your eyes over our list of top tips for introducers applying for a loan or check if your client is eligible online in just 30 seconds.

The Funding Circle Team

Top tips for introducers applying for a Funding Circle loan


Do you have clients in need of fast and flexible finance through Funding Circle? Cast your eye over our list of top tips below to make sure you have all of the information you need to help them grow and expand.

1. Which clients are eligible for a Funding Circle business loan?

Our aim is to help established and creditworthy businesses access finance through our marketplace. To date, 12,000 businesses across the UK have borrowed more than £1 billion directly from investors.

Limited companies, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and non-limited companies that have at least 2 years of filed or formally prepared accounts can apply. We’ll typically need to see a minimum annual turnover of £50,000 in your client’s latest accounts. You can check their eligibility online in just 30 seconds.

2. Types of business loans we offer

Unsecured loans – typically up to £250,000

These are highly flexible loans that can be used for a wide range of purposes, including working capital, expansion capital, asset purchase and more.

Secured loans  typically up to £1 million

These loans can be used for a wide range of purposes and will allow your client to borrow more for their business.

Asset Finance – typically up to £1 million

If your client’s thinking about purchasing a new asset or refinancing an existing one, then this could be the best solution. We can also fund the VAT if required.

Property Finance – typically up to £3 million

We offer the full suite of property loans including finance for development and investment purposes, including commercial mortgages and bridging loans. Please contact propertyfinance@fundingcircle.com to find out more.

A personal guarantee from the majority shareholder(s) is required for all of the above.

Neil Broker

Funding Circle introducer Neil McDonagh, Director at HCF Commercial Finance, secured a £75,000 for his client Spartan Motor Factors to open a another branch of their vehicle parts shop in South Wales. Find out how Neil helped his client grow their business on the blog.

3. What do we look for when we make decisions?

The credit assessment team use the information you provide on behalf of your client, as well as information from credit bureaus (for example, Experian) and other third parties.

Once you’ve checked your client is eligible, which takes just 30 seconds, you will need to complete our short, 3 step, online application and provide the following, all of which can be uploaded online:

  • Most recent filed / formally prepared accounts
  • Last three months of business bank statements

If the accounts are more than 16 months old, please include the P&L and balance sheet covering the last financial year.

4. How long does the process take?

The application form takes just 10 minutes to complete. Our credit team will then assess the application, making a decision typically within 2 working days. The funds are typically available for your client to drawdown within a week.

5. What interest rate will your client pay back?

If the application is successful, the loan will be given a risk band. We currently have six risk bands including: A+, A, B, C, D and E. This will help to determine the final interest rate your client pays back on the loan. Interest rates start at 6%.

6. Fees and flexible commission

We charge a single up-front fee. The fee your client pays will depend on the term of the loan they request and the risk band they are given by our credit assessment team. There are no charges for early repayment.

We also offer a flexi fee option where you choose the commission you would like to earn, which in turn has an impact on the total fee your client pays.

Your client will pay one single fee, and only if they decide to accept the loan. The combined fee and commission must not be more than 10% for each loan.

7. How are repayments structured?

Loans are paid back in equal monthly instalments over the chosen time period. (Please note the repayment structure of some property development loans may vary.)

It’s important to finalise your client’s ID documents and help them to set up their direct debit as soon as possible, as the first repayment is due one calendar month after the loan request closes. This is to ensure payments are on time for the investors who have lent to your client.

8. Who are the investors?

With more than 46,000 investors, including individuals, local councils, financial institutions  and the Government-backed British Business Bank*, the marketplace gives all types of investors, big and small, the chance to participate in the loan.

Each loan request is listed on the marketplace and is either funded in full by a large investor, often a financial institution, or as a partial loan, where hundreds of smaller investors can offer as little as £20 each to make up the full loan amount.

9. When can your client apply for a second loan?

Once your client has made at least 3 to 6 months of repayments on their existing loan, we may be able to help further with a second loan. If you have clients who have already borrowed through Funding Circle, get in touch to see how we might be able to help them grow to the next stage.

Partner with Funding Circle

We work with hundreds of introducers including commercial finance brokers, financial advisors, corporate partners and accountants. If you haven’t yet tried Funding Circle but have clients who are looking for fast, flexible finance, why not register now to check their eligibility.

If we already work with you, we hope you found this list of top tips useful. Log back in to your account to start submitting more deals.

Have a question?

If you are unsure about any of the above or would like to discuss how we can help, our dedicated team are more than happy to help. Call 020 3667 2208 or email introducer@fundingcircle.com. You can also download our full introducer guide to Funding Circle.


*Funding Circle is supported by the British Business Bank, a development bank wholly owned by the UK Government. The British Business Bank and its subsidiaries do not offer bank accounts, take deposits or provide regulated banking services. The British Business Bank provides its financial support to smaller businesses through its delivery partners. Any decisions to provide finance to smaller businesses are made by Funding Circle not by the British Business Bank.

What a night! Introducer Christmas Drinks Round-up

Last week, we hosted the Funding Circle Introducer Christmas Drinks at our office in London. It was a jolly affair with guests trying their hand at ping pong and enjoying a festive feast of mini mince pies, pigs in blankets and delicious sausage rolls – but not necessarily in that order!

Thank you to all who came, it was a valuable forum for us and is something we’ll be looking to do again in the New Year as we appreciate London is not accessible for all.

The drinks were a great opportunity to welcome Luke Jooste into the introducer team. Luke joined Funding Circle in November 2013 to set up our property product, and the team has since originated over £120 million in property finance loans. Prior to this, Luke was UK Head of Property Finance for Barclays Business Bank. Asked why he moved into the marketplace lending industry Luke responded: ‘it’s probably the most exciting development in the UK financial sector at the moment.’ We’re delighted he’ll be working with the introducer team into the New Year.

On behalf of the team and everyone at Funding Circle, we’d like to thank you for your support throughout 2015, and we very much look forward to doing many more deals with you in 2016.

Find out more about how we can help your clients by visiting our website, or chat with our dedicated business development team on 020 3667 2208 or send us an email.

The new 10 minute application process at Funding Circle

We have launched a new 10 minute application process for introducers. This will allow you to submit loan applications twice as quickly as the previous application. In three easy steps, and on any device, you can prequalify your client for a loan. And in just 30 seconds, you will receive an indicative quote which you can discuss with your client.

Information required

As part of the new process, we only need to see total new debt over £25,000 and management accounts if filed accounts are older than 16 months.

To assess your client’s application we will need the following, which you can either upload after submitting the application when you are logged in, or email directly to the credit assessment team:

  • Latest full filed accounts
  • Last 3+ months of bank statements
  • If filed accounts are more than 16 months old we need a full year P&L and balance
  • sheet (management accounts, spreadsheets, accounting software reports are
  • acceptable)
  • Statement of personal assets and liabilities – if loan amount is £150,000 or larger

For more information about how to apply for a loan on behalf of your client, take a look at our new guide for introducers – available to download in your summary page. Log in now.

Flexi-fee option

Following feedback that you would like the option to decrease or increase the fee you charge clients based on the time you spend with them, you can also now change the total fee you charge your client. Please speak to your Business Development Manager to find out more about this flexi-fee option.

Next day payments

We have introduced next day payments, so you and your client will receive the loan and commission the day after completion.

New risk band

Finally, we’re excited to announce that we will soon be launching a sixth risk band, to help more of your clients access finance. These loans will be listed on the marketplace over the coming weeks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • the new risk band is called E
  • the minimum bid rate for E loans is 18.2% and the maximum is 20% (gross interest rates)
  • businesses that are rated as an E may generally show lower profit after tax than businesses in other risk bands, but they will not have poor payment performance. We may be able to reconsider clients as long as they were not declined for policy reasons, such as director credit history or trading history
  • C- is being renamed to D to make our risk grading easier to understand
  • this does not mean they have been reassessed and have higher expected bad debt rates, we’re just changing the name

We hope this has been a useful update on improvements to the Funding Circle application process. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with your Business Development Manager or get in touch by emailing introducer@fundingcircle.com

The Funding Circle team

Meet Neil McDonagh, a Funding Circle introducer from HCF Commercial Finance

Neil McDonagh is a Director at HCF Commercial Finance, and was first introduced to Funding Circle through the NACFB in 2010.

Neil met the directors at Spartan Motor Factors, a vehicle parts supplier in South Wales, back in early 2014 and could see straight away that it was an established business that traded quickly. At the time, the business was looking for cashflow to secure a third unit in Bridgend, within a small window of opportunity. In this short video, Neil discusses why he felt Funding Circle was a particularly good fit for Spartan Motor Factors.

Spartan Motor Factors borrowed £75,000 through Funding Circle in May 2014. The loan has ensured positive cashflow allowing them to open a new branch and build a mezzanine floor in their Cardiff branch, doubling their stock.

Neil said “Funding Circle has evolved over the years and provides a very slick service. They’re very approachable if there are any questions you have about the process. They’re very helpful and it’s a very seamless end to end process.”

If you would like to have a chat with our dedicated business development team about how we might be able to help your clients, then please give us a call on 020 3667 2208 or email us.

Picture story: Meet Introducer Richard Hounsell

Richard Hounsell is a Director at South West Commercial Finance and has been involved in commercial finance for his whole working life. He was first introduced to Funding Circle through the NACFB. Since then he has used it many times for clients looking to access fast, flexible finance.

We visited Richard to discuss why he continues to bring clients to Funding Circle, and why he felt it was a good fit for this particular business, a Neal’s Yard Remedies franchise in Bath. In Richard’s own words, here’s the story of his Funding Circle experience:










If you’d like to have a chat with our dedicated business development team about how we might be able to help your clients, then please give us a call on 020 3667 2208 or email us.

Meet Richard Hounsell, a Funding Circle introducer from South West Commercial Finance

SW commercial finance

Richard Hounsell is a director at South West Commercial Finance and has been involved in commercial finance for his whole working life. He was first introduced to Funding Circle through the NACFB. Since then he has used it many times for clients looking to access fast, flexible finance.

In this short video, Richard discusses why he continues to bring clients to Funding Circle, and why he felt it was a good fit for this particular business, a Neal’s Yard Remedies franchise in Bath.

Richard could see straight away that it was a strong business as it had been trading for 10 years, was profitable and had good cash flow. The only issue was that the original premises had become too small. Jon Huxley, co-owner of the retailer, says that Richard gave him the confidence to try borrowing through Funding Circle, so that they could relocate to a bigger shop.

“Peer-to-peer lending has been a breath of fresh air. It has given businesses an opportunity to borrow money where they otherwise couldn’t have done, allowing them to go on to flourish.” said Richard. He goes onto say: “What I like about Funding Circle is the positive attitude from everyone in the organisation . They want to lend money, and help you find a solution.”

If you’d like to have a chat with our dedicated business development team about how we might be able to help your clients, then please give us a call on 020 3667 2208 or email us.

Watch the video here:

Meet Chris Morris, a Funding Circle introducer at NGI Finance

NGI Finance is run by Chris Morris and his wife Maria, who between them have over 45 years of lending experience. They are based in Oxford and we went to say hello to hear a bit more about why Funding Circle is a ‘welcome addition’ to their small business clients. Chris quotes speed and ease amongst the top benefits and explains that it is an ideal product for their business clients.

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Your 5 minutes with… the Business Development Team

Following our last couple of interviews where we spent some time with the credit analytics and credit assessment teams, we’re now with the Funding Circle Business Development team, headed up by Laura McMullen; Business Development Director.

The Business Development team primarily focuses on building relationships with introducers, such as accountants, business advisors and finance brokers, who are closely connected to small businesses in the UK. By offering a fast and professional service to them, they’re happy to introduce their best clients to us, helping to bring more lending opportunities to the marketplace. Our fast turnaround times for assessing applications set us apart from other lenders, ensuring we attract the very best businesses.

Day-to-day activities include:

Building and retaining relationships with our introducer base, which could mean anything from meeting them face to face, to speaking to them on the phone, to exchanging emails and helping them submit business applications to us. I’ve been told that no day is the same, as every introducer will have clients within different sectors with different needs.

Hi everyone! Wow you’re a big team. How many of you are there?

Laura M: There’s currently 9 of us, and we all look after a number of Funding Circle introducers. We have James L, Tom, Laura K, Josh, Sandeep, Jeremy, James G and Derek.

BDM team pic

Can you tell me more about the people who typically introduce businesses to us?

Tom S: We see a whole range of people acting as introducers for Funding Circle; they could be anyone from financial brokers, to business consultants to accountants. After signing up for an introducer account on the website, we’ll arrange a call with them to find out more about the types of businesses they work with. Then they can get going and start using our system to help their business clients get funded through our platform.

What’s your goal?

Laura: We are working to make Funding Circle loans a key element of every introducer’s daily tool kit; we want to help them help even more of their business clients.

Tom: And from the investors’ point of view, we want to help bring different types of businesses to the marketplace so they can lend across lots of various industries, helping to diversify their lending.

Laura K: It’s also about providing introducers with a first rate service and giving them any support they need. If we do a good job and they trust us, we can be confident that they’ll bring quality businesses to us time and again.

Jeremy: We make sure that every introducer receives an excellent service. All introducers know they have a single point of contact; their Funding Circle manager, which I think for people who are used to dealing with multiple people at banks, is a big win.

Can you explain why what you do is important for our customers?

Derek: We fill a very valuable gap in the SME lending market, which is good for both the introducer and the business involved. We can offer a source of funding at a competitive rate that businesses may not previously have had access to. More than £370 million has been lent to businesses since 2010, which I think proves that.

James L: Yes exactly; the alternative for introducers would typically be getting a deal through a High Street bank. A lot of people I’ve spoken to have described the bank process as incredibly long-winded. Our process is so much simpler, so once introducers know they can help their clients quickly through Funding Circle, it’s a big win.

Laura K: Having relationships with these introducers also benefits investors, as a lot of the time they will have carried out their own due diligence on the business, before submitting any cases to us. They really do provide added value to loans that come onto the marketplace

So you mentioned that introducers may typically have approached a bank first to help their client. What sets us apart from them?

Josh: Every business advisor or introducer I’ve spoken to is always pleasantly surprised at the level of service we provide to them; especially how fast and simple the process is.

Sandeep: As Tom said earlier, some introducers may not be used to putting deals through to lenders. It’s really encouraging speaking to these people, and hearing how easy they find the system to use.

James L: Exactly, that’s the feedback I hear a lot. Introducers are not going to be specialist peer-to-peer finance brokers, so it’s important we educate them about peer-to-peer lending and its benefits. It’s a big part of what we do. The breadth of our loan products make it easy for us to be in a position to help a lot of their regular customers, ultimately leading to them earning more commission.  

I see, so education is one of the most important roles of your job. How do you it?

Laura M: It really depends on the person, but their Funding Circle account manager is their first port of call. It could be anything from sending an initial letter or information pack, to emailing them or having a phone call. We also run seminars all over the country for introducers, which we know really helps them understand our offering.

Tom: Education is an ongoing process, so for example when we launch something new, we’ll need to speak to the introducers and explain what’s changed. A lot of the time it will be for new products we’re launching which is great, and we take on their feedback which helps shape products going forward.

Can you talk about any products in particular?

James L: Yes, we’ve been reviewing our asset finance offering, and introducers have been invaluable in giving insights into how we can make it better. We’ll be announcing further details of asset finance improvements soon.

Great, I look forward to it! Let’s move on to hear more about you all. When did you all join Funding Circle?

Laura M: I’ve worked in finance and marketing for the past 7 years and I joined Funding Circle at the start of 2012. A lot of new faces have joined since then!

Jeremy: I joined in May this year and I have a banking and leasing background. Obviously that helps, but in terms of how the companies operate, they could not be more far apart. People actually want to speak to you here which makes the job so much more enjoyable!

Josh: I worked in recruitment before, so it’s sort of similar, as I’m still speaking to people a lot. I wanted to work at a startup and every day I find myself doing things that don’t necessarily fit my job spec. But, that’s a good thing, you’re able to learn from so many different people and everyone here is so positive!

James G: I also joined in May and actually came from another peer-to-peer platform. Funding Circle is a lot further down the road though, and you really get the sense that the focus for Funding Circle is to stay for the long term; the proof is in all of the investment the company has attracted. The culture is also fabulous, people have a good time at work which is so different to other working environments!

James L: I joined in October 2012 and was number 40 in terms of employees. Before Funding Circle, I had been working with finance brokers for 8 years, and always with bank lenders. I was initially nervous about changing jobs, but was excited working with a different proposition, and thought (and still think!) there would be a possibility of Funding Circle as a lending marketplace to really change the finance landscape.

Derek: My background is asset finance, and Funding Circle is very different. Asset finance is a mature market in so many ways, and is very set in what it does. If 3% growth was achieved year-on-year, that is considered a success, whereas here we are tripling every year. Sometimes you need to take a chance on something that is still at the early stages of its journey. More importantly, I wanted to improve my Ping Pong….!

I’m not surprised. Having won Ping Pong Fight Club 2 years in a row I’d say you have a good chance of brushing up your skills here.

Let’s finish up with a few questions about you. What’s keeping you all occupied outside of work?

Derek: Cycling, rugby, cricket and socialising. I cycle around 150 miles a week with a cycling club.

Josh: I love running and training for triathlons. I probably run about 10-20 miles every weekend. I really enjoy playing sport, especially rugby.

Jeremy: Unlike these two I don’t run or cycle miles every weekend! I like football, sports, spending time with my family, gardening etc..

Laura K: I recently bought a house and just got a dog so they keep me pretty occupied!

Sandeep: I’m more of a cat person.

Haha, OK. And you two?

Laura: I’m going to a lot of hen dos at the moment; weekends away with friends are always good fun.

James L: I really enjoy sailing, and organising social events within Funding Circle..

Yes James, you’d be ‘Social Sec’ if we had one. When’s the next Breakfast Club? Thanks for your time everyone!

How can you become an introducer at Funding Circle?

It couldn’t be easier, you’ll just need to go onto the intermediaries section of our website and click join or send us an email. We have a range of information packs available to download and we’ll be in touch soon after.


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