Is your business your baby?

On January 1st 2020 two things happened; we launched into a new decade and our singing baby landed on your TV screens. 

Our new ad follows on from the success of Captain Galactic and friends, who we watched soar through the skies and into the stratosphere. Our arcade-themed characters represented all the small businesses out there who are passionate and determined, doing extraordinary things every day and going further with the help of our business loans.

Now our singing baby tells the same message through a different story. 

Set in an ordinary UK city, dawn is breaking and we see a small baby waking up for the new day. Wriggling in its bed to the sounds of the Alice Cooper track, I am the future, our baby does something no-one expects a small baby should be able to – breaks out into a show-stopping version of the song. 

We know that for many business owners, their business is their baby and just like our baby they have the potential to go further.

We believe small businesses in the UK really are the future. We see them creating jobs, helping communities and driving our economy forward.

If you would like to share the amazing things your business—or your baby—is doing, please share and tag us on #thefutureissmall. You are the future! 

Watch our baby here.

Katie Deacon