World Photography Day

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography. We all love a good photo, whether we’re looking at it in a gallery or whether we’re scrolling past it on Instagram; the art of photography is one to be honoured. We’ve chosen to honour photography by putting together a list of our favourite photos from members of the Funding Circle team and photos of businesses we’ve worked with.

Funding Circle’s very own Inti Libermanares, describes himself as a photographer and says what he loves most about photography is the possibility to capture a moment in an artistic and creative way. He loves being able to convey feelings out of spontaneous situations and his work above does just that.


Taken while travelling before he joined Funding Circle, wordsmith Robert McCorquodale says the photo pictures a single flamingo on the edge of a volcanic lake, near to the salt flats in Bolivia. This almost looks like a painting if you don’t look too closely!


Our resident design master, Alex Santos, makes it very clear that this is not from Game of Thrones and that it’s a hidden beach with mighty difficult access called ‘Praia da Ursa’, or the Bear beach, in Portugal near Cape Roca. Kings Landing or not, we think this photo is stunning.


Family owned business Perky Blenders, is in the art of speciality coffee, with five locations across the east side of London, these guys are sharing the coffee love with as many people as possible. These photos were taken when we took a trip down to one of their shops and were lucky enough to watch them do their magic.


Located in Redcar, on the Yorkshire coast, Yorkshire Gelato Company pride themselves in taking desserts to the next level and creating beautiful works of art to finish any meal using the finest ingredients. As you can see form the photo above, they really love their desserts!


The Great Yorkshire Shop hand picks fine goods exclusively from local independent makers, artists and designers. Based in Leeds, their store is bursting with amazing creative gift items and you can feel that the owner really loves what he does. The photos above were taken during our previous visit and we loved it there.

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